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4 Zodiacs Who Know Exactly When To Walk Away

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It’s not always wise to remain in friendships and relationships, even if you love the other person dearly. Sometimes, these connections run their course and it’s time for you to leave. Although it’s not easy, it’s important to learn when to call it quits, when to leave someone behind, or else you’re going to end up in a place that is no longer meant for you. Here are the birth months who know when to walk away:

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Aries aren’t going to waste their time in situations that aren’t benefitting them. They aren’t afraid to cut ties when they realize someone isn’t giving them what they deserve or is simply incompatible with them. This sign isn’t interested in wasting any time, and it’s not like they’re scared of being single again either, so they are going to get out of there as soon as possible. They are going to end any relationship that isn’t working without a single regret. There’s no hard feelings from their side, so they’re hoping that feeling is mutual. But if it isn’t? Not their problem. They’re still going to do what they need to do, what is best for their mental health.

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Some people get frustrated with Geminis because they change their minds frequently — but one wonderful thing about this sign is they know it’s okay change their mind. They know they aren’t forced to stick with a decision for the rest of their lives if they realize that it’s no longer working for them. Geminis understand that there’s nothing shameful about quitting. In fact, it takes wisdom to know when it’s time to quit, and it takes courage to actually go through with walking away. So if a relationship or a friendship isn’t working for them, they aren’t going to stick around. They are going to get out of there as soon as possible.

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Scorpios aren’t going to do anything they don’t want to do. They aren’t going to pretend to be happy when they are actually miserable. They are brutally honest about their feelings, so if they realize you aren’t working as partners or friends anymore, they won’t hesitate to walk away. They won’t stick around a second longer than necessary. On the plus side, if this sign says they care about you, then you know they mean it. They aren’t going to lie about it. But they aren’t going to stick around once they stop feeling those feelings either.

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Aquarius aren’t too sentimental. They’re able to push their feelings aside when they logically see someone is no good for them. This sign isn’t going to try to make a relationship work that is clearly beyond repair. They have better ways to spend their time. They would rather rip the bandage off right away and leave so that you can both find where you’re meant to be. After all, the sooner they walk away from someone who is wrong for them, the sooner they can find someone who is right for them.

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