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Surely many of you have heard the expression “I read your mind” or “your face looks like an open book” right? Knowing how to express yourself properly is super important for everyone. It is true that there are people who like more and others less, but we all have our hobbies and our peculiarities when we have to express ourselves … In this case, we are going to talk about the 6 most expressive zodiac signs of all. Those who need to express themselves in very peculiar ways, yes or yes, in order to survive.

There are some that do it with different tones of voice, others that have a complete catalog of facial expressions, and others that prefer to mimic or any other type of performance, but in short, these are the zodiac signs that most enjoy their freedom of expression:

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Excellent communicator in every way. That Gemini is in the TOP 1 of this ranking is no accident. In reality, it could not be otherwise, because the face of a Gemini always says it all, everything, everything. Gemini does not need many words to be able to communicate perfectly, because he is a very expressive person who leaves everything quite clearly for better or worse. Whatever, be joy, sadness, confusion, suspicion, nerves, pain, mistrust … The feeling does not matter, whatever it will be well reflected on the face of Gemini.

Gemini’s facial expressions are very honest and are not limited. They are not cut, they are not forbidden … Gemini does not cut hair and it may be for that reason that more than once the occasional problem has been sought. If you don’t cut yourself with your words, imagine what you do when your little face says it all. When he looks well when he looks badly at someone when he wants to speak calmly but in the end he gets pi**sed… Gemini is a walking show, whatever it is. He knows. But be careful, because Gemini shares everything, everything, everything. Imagine why …

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  1. LEO

Leo does not serve to stay in the background. To be a very restrained person or not to make much noise. Leo does not serve to be an introvert, shy, jealous of his privacy or something reserved on specific occasions. None of that, Leo is quite the opposite. Everything that involves talking, meeting people, expressing, feeling, showing and re-talking with desire, with fire and strength, Leo has more than welcome to his life.

Leo is not the perfect person to keep his light and his role in the shadows. He needs to express what he feels to the world, to the four winds and as dazzling as he can. Leo loves to see how the people he talks to enjoy. He loves to see how his words, his gestures or his movements have an effect on others. To Leo, just the fact of being a very magnetic person capable of attracting anyone, it already puts him … Seriously, the lion loves to see how his expressiveness has an effect on people, it’s as if he feels more powerful than he already has.

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Sagittarius likes to talk about everything with everyone. With familiar people, with unknown people, with their friends, with their peers, with the neighbor of the fifth, with the new girl in the office … With anyone (who has been selected by Sagittarius) and without any modesty. Any topic is good for you to bring to light all your knowledge and thus be able to create links with the people with whom you are talking at the time.

Now, when we talk about feelings, things change. There, Sagittarius does not want people to know much about his life, his fears, his feelings … even, many times he hates having to discuss these issues with his best-known people, it is as if his friends had to take him out everything with a spoon, but there who really takes command is his face. His face. His look.

Although Sagittarius does not want to speak, his facial expression is already saying everything. The look of a Sagittarius perfectly reflects what actually happens in his mind. A Sagittarius can perfectly say much more with his arm movements, his looks, his gestures and everything else, rather than just his words.

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Amazing to see Aquarius in this ranking right? Aquarius is reputed to be a very independent and very free person, who is not very fan of opening and telling all the feelings in his heart and ideas that fly through his head …

You know what? That has nothing to do with it because although Aquarius is like that, in the end, he tells us everything, everything, everything with the expressions of his little face. That’s right, the face of an Aquarius when in a very deep conversation with someone is an open book. But not just any book, but a creative, dynamic, surprising, refreshing and unique book. No one can express themselves in the same way as an Aquarius does because it is different even for that. If it is joy, sadness, surprise, intrigue, or nervousness, whatever, Aquarius will make it express itself in a very particular way.

Who has the privilege of talking to an Aquarius, in addition to enjoying an entertaining conversation, will have the luxury of chatting with someone intelligent and with whom he will have very funny times? Talking deeply with Aquarius is a truly enriching experience. Crazy, but good, of those that make you have very good memories.

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  1. ARIES

Aries says what he thinks and always feels. His impulsiveness certainly does not let him be otherwise, but in addition to releasing it by mouth, he expresses it in the features of his face. Aries is tremendously expressive at all times, even if the time is the least appropriate, Aries will let his face say it all, everything, because pretending or lying are things that Aries would never do and will never understand. Aries prefers to sin for being more sincere, than for keeping his mouth shut, being a fake of care and pretending like a cowardly rat …

It is true, there are times when you get carried away by impulsivity and that you screw up a lot, but it is what it is, Aries is not subtle and it will not be to please … Although there are also moments in your life when you do not want to reflect the feelings you have at that time. Even there, he ends up confessing everything through his gaze, because Aries in the background has a very transparent look and in it, you can discover everything. Even if he doesn’t say exactly what he is feeling, his actions speak for themselves. Forever.

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  1. LIBRA

The facial expression of a Libra says it all, everything, everything. She is the one in charge of saying and expressing what her lips do not dare to say … People born under the fate of being Libra, love to create very dynamic conversations in which there are all kinds of stimuli. Libra is not like a robot that drops everything at once and that’s it. Libra prefers to interact and specify with the people with whom he is talking in different ways.

When he focuses on telling a story, he lives and enjoys it as if he was living it again and his facial expressions make you live that moment as if you had been by his side … When Libra speaks, he tells stories better than anyone else. Undoubtedly.

Libra also uses the expressions on his face to send undercover messages. For example, when you want to talk with a friend or friend of someone in particular without others knowing, Libra takes out his most creative and artistic side and makes all kinds of indecipherable faces so that the person who has to find out finds out, and Those who don’t have to find out don’t know anything. In the end, Libra could successfully carry out any type of play with success.

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