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4 Zodiacs Who Hint At Their Attraction (Without Making It Obvious)

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Some zodiacs are going to blurt out their feelings for you. They will be clear about how much they like you so there aren’t any misunderstandings between you. But other signs aren’t going to be as straightforward about their crushes. Here are the zodiacs who hint at their attraction without making it obvious:

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You hint at your feelings without making it obvious because you believe baby steps are better than nothing. Which is completely true. You should be proud of yourself every time you send the first text to your crush or make eye contact with them across the room because it takes confidence and courage to do so.

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However, your crush might not realize what a big deal these moments are for you. You might need to be even braver to get your point across. But if these subtle hints are the most you feel comfortable doing right now, that’s okay too. You don’t have to rush it. You can take your time.


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Taurus, you are shy when it comes to crushes. You won’t blurt out how you’re feeling about a special someone because you’re worried about rejection. Which is why you try your best to test the waters whenever you develop feelings for someone new. You aim little smiles in their direction and leave hearts on their posts, hoping to get an idea of whether they feel the same way. Of course, it’s extremely hard to get a read on the other person when they can’t get a good read on you. You’re not the only one scared about facing rejection. If they aren’t sure whether you like them, they might not make the first move and ask you out. You might have to make your feelings a little more obvious.


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You hint at your attraction without making it obvious because you want the other person to make the first move. You want to be chased. You want to feel like you’re being pursued, like this person cares about you enough to put in the effort to entice you. Even though you’re going to do your fair share of work once you’re in an official relationship, you want your partner to make the first move during the courting stage so you know they are serious about you. So you know you aren’t the only one feeling such strong feelings.


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You hint at your attraction without making it obvious because you want to put yourself out there – but not too much. You’re torn between the decision to tell your crush exactly how you feel and lock away your heart forever, which is why you compromise by flirting a little bit at a time. You will make moves here and there, but then you will retreat back into your shell. Although you might think you’re making your feelings obvious, this can actually come across like you’re sending mixed signals. It could confuse your crush when you’re trying to get a clear message across. Sometimes, it’s better to come out and say how you’re feeling so there’s no chance they misinterpret it.

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