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4 Zodiacs Who Should Be Careful This Sagittarius Season

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Sagittarius season begins on November 22 and lasts until December 21. While this season is going to be soothing for some, it could be quite stressful for others. Of course, you are in complete control of the way you respond to the situations presented to you, which means you can turn any bad day around. Here are the zodiacs who should be careful this Sagittarius season:

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Be careful this Sagittarius season because you might feel more impatient than usual. You might feel rushed, like you’re running out of time. But you need to be patient with others and with yourself. You can’t panic when something small goes wrong because you might not have the power to control what happens to you, but you have complete control over the way you handle the situation. Everything is going to be okay. You are going to reach your destination. It simply might take some time.

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Be careful this Sagittarius season because your blatant honesty could get you in trouble. Although it’s important to speak from the heart and get your feelings off of your chest, remember the importance of delivery. There is a gentle way to deliver the same news, so make sure that you are treating others with respect when they would do the same for you. Make sure that you aren’t being too harsh and calling it honest. Be careful about what comes out of your mouth, especially when you’re speaking with people you value and want to keep in your life, because you don’t want to push them away on accident. But you don’t want to bottle up your feelings either. You need to strike a delicate balance.

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Be careful this Sagittarius season because your forgiving nature could backfire on you. Although you might feel the urge to reconnect with people from your past, remember that you are under no obligation to allow them back into your life. You can forgive them while wanting nothing to do with them moving forward. Don’t give harmful people the opportunity to hurt you again, especially if they haven’t given you any indication that they have changed for the better. Although you might miss them madly and love them deeply, that doesn’t mean you should be in each other’s lives. It doesn’t mean you should let them get away with whatever they have done to you.

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Be careful this Sagittarius season because your optimism could actually be your downfall. Although you are going to feel a powerful surge of confidence soon that will propel you through your next chapter, remember to make backup plans in case something goes wrong. Remember to think through the consequences of your actions, both good and bad. While it’s wonderful to imagine everything working out the way you planned, and great that you have so much confidence in yourself, just make sure that you are considering all angles. Make sure you are still thinking your decisions through without acting too impulsively in the moment.

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