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4 Zodiacs Who Have What It Takes To Weather A Storm

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Cancer is always prepared for any natural disaster, literal or emotional. They have a battery-powered flashlight and radio, a first aid kit. But in a jam, they can find candles and matches in the pitch black because they don’t panic. They keep breathing, trust their intuition, do what needs to be done, and communicate with those around them. They break big problems down into small tasks and delegate. They know how to ask for help, even if sometimes it’s just to distract someone from their worries. They have a sixth sense of other’s emotions but don’t make the mistake of trying to control them. Soothing is enough. Exhibiting calmness is enough. They deal with the reality of the situation, not whatever expectations things around them fail to live up to. They cope but don’t quit. Adjust without giving up.

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Aquarius has a selfless, somewhat martyr-like outlook during the hard times in their life. They keep working relentlessly as if all the problems were to be solved by tomorrow, even when in reality they may not live to see the fruits of their labor because Aquarius never gives up. You can trust they will never succumb to hopelessness or settle for mediocrity. They will pursue what is right and true and best in the world, no matter the amount of effort required. They never shy away from a battle or a project, because they trust in their ability to prioritize the right things in life. They never struggle with sunk cost fallacies or worry about what might have been. They are laser-focused on what they are trying to achieve and never doubt the possibility of what they set their mind to.

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Taurus makes it through a storm because hardship is the other side of the coin forming a sacred dichotomy with luxury. Those born with a silver spoon in their mouths can never appreciate what they have the way someone who desires and later acquires it can. Taurus has seen better and worse days and takes both into account whenever they hit a road bump. A thunderstorm can ruin plans for a picnic, forcing everyone to stay inside, but instead of focusing only on what is lost, Taurus also appreciates the luxury of shelter in those moments as well. Of staying inside, crawling under a beloved blanket, and watching and listening to the free show the thunder and lightning and the clouds and downpours offer us. Taurus knows we have to enjoy what we have when we have it, even if it doesn’t align perfectly with our plans.

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Virgo is a strange bird when it comes to storms. In their turmoil, they can hide behind a convenient veneer of strength, but when the suffering is shared with a loved one or partner, they take it upon themselves to support the emotions in another they struggle most to accept within their hearts. Virgos are like sailors soaked to the bone, miserable but depended upon by the rest of the crew never to abandon their post. They can hold within themselves conflicting emotions and outlooks, can let hope and despair crash down on them in waves, not knowing if the ship has what it takes to hold or if some glimmer of shore will become visible on the horizon. They take the challenge one minute, one moment at a time, giving it their all before they know the outcome, unafraid to arrive at that destination, whatever it will be.

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