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4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Help Thinking Deeply About Everything

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Pisces is the sign that learned to see others before others saw them. They broke out of their teenage bubble before anyone else realized they were in one. They saw the bully for the people with struggles of their own, the shy kid for their hidden depths, the childhood friend for their golden heart. To a Pisces, everyone has a story full of strengths and demons and loves and losses and heartache and celebration. They can’t reduce anyone to a simple name or a face. Every person’s life is a rich story to be savored to them, and a Pisces will often wander off in their thoughts imagining life from someone else’s perspective. Nothing is ever as surface level as it seems, and so a Pisces can’t help wondering what is really going on inside of everyone’s hearts and minds.

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Sagittarius has a thirst for knowledge like no other. The more information they seek out, the more disturbed they can be at what they learn. When they see the world for what it is and zoom out to the biggest picture, they can feel overwhelmed and powerless. They need to zoom back into their own little world, the things they can see and hear and feel. They get so caught up in the grand scheme of things that they lose touch with their present reality. They can worry themselves ragged with problems they’ll never encounter head one. They have the biggest hearts, but they can’t contain it all, all the knowledge the world has to offer. It’s not meant for one person to grasp at once, it takes a collective effort. It’s a generational accomplishment. And in that big picture, Sagittarius finds beauty.

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Scorpio is second-guessing everything constantly, always doubting their own decision-making. Every choice they make has rippling effects that impact their future, as well as the people around them. They feel the immense responsibility that impact alludes to. Yes, they are tactical and always trying to come out on top, but they really do have other people’s best interest in mind. They overthink every step until they literally exhaust themselves. They can’t help but see the overwhelming number of possibilities that exist within a single life, a single year, a single day. Every choice they make is a minimum of five other choices not made. Before they eliminate any single possibility they want to be absolutely sure they are making the one that’s most right for them.

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Virgos just can’t help seeing the glaringly obvious errors of the world. They hear every obnoxious chewer, smell every unpleasant odor on the subway, and taste or rather, notice the absence of taste whenever their dinner is under-seasoned. The big and the small weigh heavily on them equally. Small annoyances and generational social grievances. It’s all like nails on a chalkboard they can’t avoid. It’s like they are constantly pelted with a downpour of unpleasantness they can’t help but critique. They see everything wrong with the world at once, so when they pause to notice something right with it, it’s because it’s extremely special to them.

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