Zodiac Signs

The One Thing Each Zodiac Is Forgetting About This Week


Aquarius is finally forgetting about that embarrassing moment they’ve never let themselves move past. They won’t be able to explain why, but everything will feel just a little lighter, like taking off a jacket it’s become too warm to wear. The newfound confidence and self-acceptance will take them far.


Pisces is forgetting about life “before”. Before they got their shit together. Before things started to click, and getting out of bed each day wasn’t a struggle. The destination has started to feel like home, and the details of the journey are fading like remnants of a dream in the early ours of the morning.


Aries is forgetting about their ex. The unanswered questions and lingering curiosity are dissipating. Aries has a full plate of their own to focus on, without wondering what they are up to, how they are feeling, or if their ex is thinking of them. Little by little, a new reality is becoming more comfortable and familiar.


Taurus is forgetting about the stress and the mess this week. They’re spending extra to make their inconveniences disappear. Dry cleaning, maid service, meal kits, you name it. Temporarily treating themselves to these small luxuries will make a difficult time more manageable.


Gemini is forgetting about the arbitrary deadlines they set for themselves. The five year plan they mapped out has officially run down its clock, but still served an important purpose. It provided direction and motivation during a critical time, even if its goal posts were never achievable.


Cancer is forgetting to tie their shoes before running out the door, literally. They’ve taken care of all the big ticket items, but are letting small details fall through the cracks. While these mistakes are insignificant in size, the could accumulate into a disaster.


Leo is forgetting to text someone back this week. It’s not their fault that their phone is constantly blowing up with requests and personal notes. They’ve needed time to unplug, but can’t leave everyone on read forever. If they value the relationship it’s time to reciprocate the effort.


Virgo is forgetting to breathe this week. Everything is taken care of. Everyone is taken care of – except for Virgo themselves. They are so busy and so preoccupied with everything that needs to get done that they are ignoring their basic self-care requirements.


Libra is forgetting to pack something this week, and it’s left a terrible, anxious nagging feeling since they can’t figure out what it is, but the good news is that whatever it is is easily replaceable. They just need to trust the process and run out the door towards their goal. A drug store will solve the rest.


Scorpio is forgetting their troubles this week. A little sunshine and a few good night’s sleep will melt any lingering tension they’ve been grappling with away. They were able to switch into problem solving mode when the situation called for it, and now they can enjoy the fruits of their labor undisturbed.


Sagittarius is forgetting their big mouthed reflexes this week and learning to calm down before speaking. The first draft of their phrasing never lands well with audiences, and some refinement and polishing is needed. Luckily time provides the tact they’ve been missing and allows them to communicate in an elevated manner.


Capricorn is forgetting to assume the worst this week. For once, they are going to wait and see how things play out before unnecessarily worrying or exerting pointless effort. A little patience will allow them to choose the path of least resistance and address any issues head-on with as much energy as possible.

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