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4 Zodiacs Who Are Hit Extra Hard By Seasonal Depression


Sagittarius hates feeling trapped at home during the winter, and needs a vacation in order to combat their cabin fever. Once the rush and stress of the holidays have come and gone, Sagittarius hates the winter slog through the first quarter of the year. They need fresh air and activity to keep from dying of boredom. It’s the one time of year everything just feels out of whack. Classes and sports leagues go on break, and everything with a regular cadence gets disrupted. They hate having to start from scratch every January first, and prefer the feeling of being smack dab in the middle of something. Unfortunately for them, the thing they find themselves in the middle of is a case of the winter blues.


Cancer feels like they have to turn it on more than ever during the winter. Everyone is stressed by the holidays, and Cancer doesn’t want to add to anyone’s burden by sharing their own problems. They are so giving and patient and caring, that they forget to take care of their own needs. While everyone’s drinking eggnog, Cancer is longing for the backyard barbecues of summer with their low stakes and even lower expectations. Summer is when Cancer feels like they can open up the most because the weather over compensates from any negativity they may be putting out into the world. Somehow it feels okay to complain about work or their relationship challenges as long as they have a cold beer in hand.


Libra can’t handle the extremes winter brings to the table. Snow and ice are always precursors to traffic and perilous driving conditions, and they hate that feeling of potential danger. They’re confident enough in their own abilities, but hate the unknown variable of other people’s poor decisions or driving skills. There’s always one person who ruins it for everyone else. One person stealing packages from the mail room. One person who gets a little too competitive a the White Elephant exchange. Libra prefers to feel in control, but at this time of year they feel so exposed to the elements (and everyone’s questionable behavior) that they best they can do is try to survive.


Gemini is the type to burn the midnight oil year round, but they struggle the most with the lack of daylight in the colder months. With their crazy schedules, they feel like they are up before the sun, and don’t get home until long after it’s set. Even though the hours are the same, it feels like they are working so much harder and longer, struggling to adjust to the harsh environment and increased seclusion. They miss the Friday happy hours on a patio with their friends that gave them a much needed outlet to blow off some steam. Now it feels like that stress is trapped in a kettle that’s about to boil over. The only way they’ll get through it is by counting down the days til spring

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