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4 Zodiacs Who Will Receive An Amazing Offer In February

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Your offer is simple, Pisces. As simple as someone approaching you and asking, “Do you want to try this?”. It could be a sip of their iced mocha, the opportunity to take a whack at a complex project at work, or an invitation to a surf lesson. No matter the details, take a second to really assess the situation. Don’t give your first knee-jerk response. The offer, in and of itself, is communicating the person’s immensely positive attitude towards you.

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They are asking you this question because they think you could excel at the task, develop a passion for it, or at the very least enjoy experiencing something together. Ignore the initial fear or hesitancy and put yourself in that person’s position. Look at yourself from their point of view. Hop into the version of their imagination that paints you in the best light possible. See how different it is from the worst case scenarios that play out in your own, and let that be the little push you need to go for it.


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Your offer, Aquarius, could change everything, and I’m not exaggerating. This is the drop everything, leave whatever you’re in the middle of doing behind, and embark on a brand new adventure kind of offer. Whether you prefer to see yourself as a Bilbo Baggins or an Emily Cooper, a good analogy is all you need to get past the initial shock and convert that nervous energy into excitement. It’s impossible to know all the ways our lives could change for the better before we are willing to cross through that threshold of change. Just trust in your own character arc and remember (or Google) the shame Lauren Conrad went through for being the girl who didn’t go to Paris. You don’t have to wait until you’re on your deathbed to know the things you will end up kicking yourself for letting slip through your fingers. Everything in life isn’t meant to be held in a death grip. Make room for more by letting go of a few things. You will thank yourself for it later.


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The offer you receive this month, Aries, is one you make with yourself. A deal can be a dangling carrot or a target to aim for. Incentive to stick it out in any given situation just a little longer. I can plan a trip to Europe once I hit my emergency savings fund goal. I can sign up for the drum lessons I’ve wanted since I was five once I finish this major project for work. I can hire a personal trainer if I can make it through a month of workouts on my own. I can buy myself a brand new wardrobe if I purge all of my closets, cabinets, and drawers. Whatever the terms, whatever the reward, connecting the things we’d love to have or experience but never feel like we deserve with the things we dread doing and continuously procrastinate help create a balance that can truly motivate us. Set the bar just high enough where you’ll be excited to complete the task, without setting yourself up for failure.


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Resources are being put at your disposal this month, Gemini. Maybe work is willing to pay for ongoing education. Maybe a neighbor with a pool needs a house-sitter. A good friend has to part with some sporting event or concert tickets and has chosen you as the lucky recipient. I know for you especially, it seems impossible to hit pause on your jam packed routine to smell the roses or follow your dreams, but this is one of those times, Gemini, where you’d be a fool not to. The world is handing itself to you on a platter, and there is nothing for you to do but benefit from and enjoy it. There is no catch, no negative consequence, nothing important enough to turn down this offer. I know you don’t feel comfortable doing things for yourself, but this is the universe giving you a clear opportunity to learn that lesson. You have so many habits, there’s no reason this attitude of self-kindness can’t become one of them.

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