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4 Zodiacs Who Are Discovering Their New Self This Summer

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The organizer

Libra, you become acquainted with a version of you that gets things done. You will not recognize yourself at first when you realize this isn’t just a phase, isn’t just a cup of coffee or a kick in the ass that helped you check a few items off your to-do list, but rather a consistent competency you didn’t realize existed within you all along. You’ve been misled by self-help platitudes that told you that finding your perfect life was just a matter of getting up and making it, but that’s not the way life works. There are times for planning, times for dreaming, and times for waiting, and you’ve been through all of them recently, for an extended period of time. What you thought was inaction was actually preparation, because you were doing the steps that were necessary to bring you to this point, the point where things have fallen into place and it’s time to execute. You have this heightened sense of clarity about what needs to be done and all the steps you need to make it happen, and you’re firing on all cylinders. Watching yourself complete each task with more than enough energy to move on to the next is invigorating. You are the embodiment of momentum. As you approach the finish line, take a mental snapshot of the experience so you can remember it for the next cycle of planning. Don’t forget what you are capable of accomplishing when the moment arises. Your ability to even recognize that moment is a feat in and of itself.

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The joy-seeker

Leo, your new self reminisces and reconnects with the meaning of summer on a psychological level. The summers of your childhood are brought to mind through the repetition of constant reminders. Your mind and body relive stored feelings of excitement, relief, enjoyment, and positivity as you readopt that youthful mindset and outlook. You break up your routine with a vacation or slew of summer Fridays. You find moments of leisure throughout your day that help you ditch your typical five o’clock exhaustion. You soak up all the simple pleasures of the season: sunshine, greenery, open water, bonfires and barbecues, cold drinks and frozen treats, bare feet, and the smell of sunscreen. Getting older can feel like the world around us is disintegrating and devolving into chaos, but if you sit outside at dusk and watch a group of fireflies come into view (they’re called a sparkle) you can recover that sliver of your lost innocence necessary to feel like there is enough consistent good in this world to fight through the rest of the mess and make it out okay on the other side. You need to adopt this mentality to such an extent that you can carry it with you always. Let the specifics of summer be your catalyst to a joy-seeking lifestyle year-round. One where you spot the fireflies in the dusk of your realism.

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The nurturer

Something in your vicinity needs a little TLC this summer, Capricorn. Something needs to be tended to and nurtured like a baby bird fallen from its nest. You need to prove to yourself that you can protect and nurse this thing and help it grow until it can survive on its own. The “new you” who you encounter this summer is the you who is so full of love and so ready to pour it out into the world, that it doesn’t even cross your mind to wonder if it will be enough. You just do it, like breathing, without thinking. Whether you’re nurturing yourself, a loved one, a plant, a sourdough starter, or a summer camp full of kids, your journey is the same. A journey of witnessing the effects that consistent attention and effort can have on something you care about, the journey of seeing your own impact on the world. Sometimes nurturing is as simple as letting something be and making sure it’s not disturbed, like a caterpillar in its chrysalis. Some things need time and space to transform. Others need a heavy-duty sander, a power washer, and some elbow grease. The “you” you are becoming knows exactly which situation is which. Trust that instinct and the rest will come naturally.

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The diplomat

The new “you” you discover this summer, Aquarius, is a you who knows exactly what to say to get the results you desire. A you who can spin the truth of a situation in a way that isn’t completely dishonest, just simply curated to be the most convincing to your audience. In the past, you have clung so dedicatedly to honesty that you shot yourself in the foot. Complaining about the things that upset you instead of asking for what you want. Focusing on the negative of your current conditions, instead of the benefits your preferred situation could bring to all parties involved.

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This new you is the businessperson, the politician, the dealmaker, the ambassador, and the diplomat all rolled into one. You have to be able to sell what you want to get others onboard and win their support, and it’s easier to build up a positive than to tear down a negative. Whether your aim is to have the final say on the family vacation destination this year or to give your input on a work project or policy, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your revised approach delivers results. People will respect your communication and negotiation skills to the extent they begin to turn to you for advice and counsel in their own predicaments.

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