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4 Zodiacs Who Always Want What They Can’t Have

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Geminis are the eternal martyr-by-calendar. They continuously make more plans than they can handle, and then complain to everyone around them about how busy they are. They long for a random Tuesday off of work, to have a long lunch while everyone else is at their computer, or hit the stores while they’re empty. They dream of a Saturday morning on which there are no errands looming, nowhere to be, nothing to do, no baby or bridal showers, no birthdays, no parties, and no social calls to make. But this will never be their reality because they never, ever, leave any free time to be alone with themselves. The extrovert in them wants a trophy for their record-breaking itineraries, and the introvert in them recognizes it is a self-imposed cruel and unusual punishment.

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Virgos want desperately to not care, will try so hard to play it off like they don’t care at all, like they’re the cool ones who can’t be phased, the ones that never get hurt, and then they will stay up all night, caring about that very thing. Because at the end of the day, they care deeply about everything. They are the ones with high standards, the ones who are acutely perceptive, the ones who are particular and get annoyed by very specific but also mundane things. They can’t stop reading the news because they need to know what’s happening in the world, but then can’t help getting worked up about what a shit show the world really is. They dream of a world where none of this matters, but that’s impossible because a Virgo can’t be ignorant, or uninformed, or look at the world around them and not see the bigger picture.

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Scorpios want true love, but don’t let people get close enough to fall in love with who they really are. They are masters of seduction, which allows them to succeed in attracting partners, but they forget seduction is an illusion. It is bait on a hook waiting to trap the unsuspecting fish, and then they are disappointed when the fish doesn’t stay by their side and support them and nurture the relationship and fight for them once the hook is removed. Because love isn’t a sport. If you want someone to stay, they have to want to be there, they have to really know where “there” is. They have to sign up. People are attracted to mystery but they are loyal to real connection. And connection isn’t something you can dangle on a string.

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Sagittariuses want recognition. They want to be overachievers, but they also want the things they’re passionate about. They want the prestige of becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but geek out over things like video games, foreign soap operas, or fashion. They can’t help but gravitate towards the things that make them think and feel, and so they never take the easy path, or the clear path, or the path that people know and recognize and reward. They do the things they want, in their own way but struggle with the fact that none of it fits into a conventional value system. They long to please people, but need to march to the beat of their own drum, and are disappointed when those two things never fully line up.

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