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“I Will Love You Until…” Based On Your Birth Order

Everyone has their breaking point. When they’ve just had enough and lose those rosy feelings of love for their partner. The “whys” and “hows” can look different based on a number of criteria, including the order you were born. Look for your birth order–or the birth order of the ones you love–to see what will break your love for your significant other.

Only Child

You will love someone until they break your trust. While some people can give their partners second or third chances if they cheat, you won’t even entertain that idea. You’re more likely to go scorched-earth, throwing all their belongings on the front lawn and blocking them on all social media. Only children don’t need constant assurances–independence is a must for them–but they will stop loving someone if the overall trust is broken.

Youngest Child

You will love someone until they stop acting like an equal partner. Great relationships are all about partnerships, with both people putting in the effort to make it work. But a youngest child is keenly aware when things start to become unbalanced. If they’re taking on the bulk of the emotional or physical load in the relationship, romantic desire quickly starts to wane. They don’t want to do everything, so if they feel like they are, they’ve already got one foot out the door.

Middle Child

You will love someone until they start using the silent treatment as a weapon. Communication is an important component for middle children. They so often went ignored in favor of their older and younger siblings, so that kind of vibe is a mood-killer in a relationship. If you start the silent treatment in order to get your way in a relationship with a middle kid, you’re about to learn the hard way just how bad of a move that was. Say goodbye to their love and devotion.

Oldest Child

You will love someone until they try to guilt-trip you into doing something. Oldest children were so often guilted into doing adult responsibilities when they were kids that even the slightest use of passive aggression to guilt them into doing something will cause alarm bells to go off. Guilt and passive aggression is a swift way to make an oldest child lose all feelings for you.


You will love someone until you stop being their priority. Twins and multiples are used to being a second (or third) thought, more often seen as a duo than as an individual. They need their partners to care just about them–within reason of course. But as soon as they start to feel ignored, they’ll worry that their partner doesn’t care about them anymore. While they need their partners to have individuality and priorities of their own, twins and multiples need to feel important as well. Without that priority, their feelings for their partner will die.

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