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4 Zodiacs That Obsessively Overthink Their Every Move In Relationships

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Some zodiacs are unapologetically themselves and they don’t care who likes it. After all, if someone doesn’t like the real them, then that person is a bad fit for them anyway. However, other signs are a little more cautious about how they behave in relationships and end up overthinking every little move that they make because they don’t want to mess up.

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Cancers care deeply about what their favorite people think about them. That’s why they think long and hard before contributing to conversations. They don’t want to say the wrong thing and mess everything up. They usually stay quiet and let the other person do most of the talking because they are so scared of making a mistake and chasing the other person away. Cancers tend to be self-conscious, so they don’t recognize how much they bring to the table, how much they have to offer. So they play it safe and say as little as possible, while listening closely and learning as much about the other person as they can.

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Virgos are perfectionists, so they want dates to run as smoothly as possible. If something goes wrong, they will take it upon themselves to fix it. In relationships, they tend to overthink because they want to make this other person happy. They want to do everything within their power to make sure the relationship stays strong. Although their effort is coming from a good place, sometimes they overthink a little too much and end up stressing themselves out over small things that won’t really make a difference in the long-run. Things that can make dating feel more like a chore than a fun adventure.

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Scorpios are super sensitive, even though they don’t like to show it. They are terrified of getting their hearts broken, which is why they overthink as soon as they start developing a crush on someone. They think hard before they open their mouths, and reread texts a million times before sending because they don’t want to give away too much. They don’t want. To move too quickly before they know that this person has their best interest at heart. They overthink every little thing that the other person does too, on the lookout for red flags. They don’t want to miss any bad signs. They don’t want to end up in a situation where they don’t belong.

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Pisces are people-pleasers who always want others to have a fun time. They cannot stand to see anyone upset, which is why they are super cautious about their behaviors on dates. They wouldn’t want to spit out the wrong thing without thinking and end up hurting someone else’s feelings. That’s why they are always asking friends for advice on what type of texts to send and what type of outfits to wear on dates. They want opinions from people they trust because they don’t want to mess things up. They will overthink even the smallest behaviors, because they care that deeply. They can’t help themselves.

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