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3 Zodiacs Who Should Be Doing Morning Pages If They Want To Tap Into Their Potential

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In 1992, Julia Cameron self-published the seminal self-help and creativity guidebook, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. After being picked up by a traditional publisher and selling millions of copies, the book became something of a cult classic for artists who were also spiritual seekers.

The thesis of the book? All of our creativity comes from a divine source, and through a variety of artistic techniques, we can harness our own innate connection to that source. One of those techniques is the practice of “morning pages,” or longhand, stream-of-consciousness journaling upon waking.

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You might not be familiar with Cameron’s book as a whole, but you’ve probably heard of morning pages or even dabbled in the practice yourself. It takes tremendous discipline to commit to writing every morning, even in such a messy and raw format. These are the zodiac signs who will benefit the most from integrating morning pages into their daily spiritual and creative routine.


You are a lifelong learner, Gemini, and a true intellectual with a lot of ideas but no time to make them all come to fruition. How could you? You have a finite number of hours in the day. With Mercury as your ruler, you’re a keen communicator and a talented writer, but your obsessive personality can keep you jumping from one project to the next with minimal direction. The key to diligence is settling into a habit that helps you become your very best self. With all the frenetic energy in your body, you’ll be grateful to find a healthy morning routine that sets you up for success.

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You are selective about what you share with the world, Virgo, because you fear judgment when you are not at your very best. With Mercury ruling your first house of identity and Gemini situated in your prominent tenth house of career, writing and communication takes center stage in your life. The habits you cultivate in private will elevate you in public, bringing you ever closer to your highest ambitions. Your career is likely going to involve communication in some way, so it makes perfect sense to start each day at your writing desk. You won’t strike gold every single morning, which will inevitably frustrate you, but the discipline this technique requires will help make you a better speaker, writer, and human.

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You’re spontaneous and active from the moment you open your eyes each morning, Aries. Instead of scrolling first thing in the morning, sit down with a cup of coffee and put pen to paper. With Gemini exalted in your third house of communication and writing, you are a natural at conveying your thoughts and opinions, but not always the best at organizing them, because you have a lot going on in your brain. Clear your head by emptying your thoughts into a journal, release your worries for the day, and take on the challenges that await.

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