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4 Zodiacs That Need To Move On From False Hope

False hopes are more dangerous than fears.

J. R. R. Tolkien

False hope is a terrible thing. If it’s the only thing keeping you alive, you’ll be dead by dawn.

Charlie Rae

In life, it’s generally a good thing to strive for a positive attitude rather than a negative one—unless you’re so positive that you become naïve.

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It’s also good to be optimistic rather than pessimistic—up until the point that you ignore red flags and wind up being a sucker.

Likewise, it’s good to hold out hope, which is a quality that historically has gotten people through dark and harrowing situations. But being hopeful ceases to be a virtue and becomes a flaw when one fails to realize that a situation is hopeless.

Here are four zodiac signs that need to learn the difference between being hopeful and being hopelessly hopeful.

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1. Libra

Represented by the Scales of Justice, Libra has trouble accepting that life is often brutally and cruelly unfair. Since they are innately decent and kind, Libras make the mistake of projecting their own virtues onto everyone else. No matter how many times life shatters their optimism, they can’t seem to accept that the world can be so cold and that people can be so rotten. Of course, it can be admirable to give people a second chance, especially someone who’s had a bad or unlucky life. But there’s a difference between giving someone a second chance and giving them a twentieth chance. After all, if someone gave Libra a second chance…or if Libra was rude to someone…or if they accused someone of wrongdoing but were proven to have been wrong…they’d feel ashamed and correct themselves. But that’s not how many people work. Libra’s main problem is assuming that everyone else is as good as they are.

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2. Sagittarius

An extroverted and optimistic fire sign, Sagittarius suffers from unreasonably high expectations about everyone they meet. They are so naturally positive, they have trouble understanding negativity. It’s like an alien life form that simply doesn’t compute to them. Resourceful, intuitive, and hard-working to a fault, Sags were born with the perception that every problem has a solution. Even when face-to-face with an impossible situation or person, they’ll hold out hope. Sometimes they’ll spend years waiting for a door to open, failing to realize that they’ve been staring at a wall the whole time. Not only won’t the door open—the door was never there in the first place.

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3. Cancer

An intensely emotional water sign ruled by the moon, the Crab has trouble processing the idea that some people are cold-blooded, calculating, predatory, and ruled by logic rather than feelings. This is why Cancer always winds up feeling hurt, disappointed, and betrayed—especially in romance. There’s nothing wrong with being romantic, but being too romantic means you’ll always wind up with a broken heart. Cancers believe that love conquers all, but that’s simply not true. Love can’t conquer someone who chooses to hate, someone who’s innately unlovable, someone who’s a liar, or someone who always interprets kindness as weakness. Cancers need to learn that it’s foolish to place their trust in someone who has revealed themselves, again and again, to be untrustworthy.

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4. Pisces

A water sign ruled by Neptune, god of the sea, Pisces is sweet, compassionate, and forgiving—to a fault. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter, which makes them optimistic and loyal. To be forgiving and optimistic sounds nice in theory, but it can be a disastrous combo in the real world. Idealists by nature, Pisceans have a hard time discerning the crucial difference between what is and what should be. They know that there is good in the world. A tremendous amount of good. But there is also a depressing amount of bad out there—so much so, that hyper-sensitive Pisceans can become emotionally crippled by focusing on setbacks, betrayals, disappointments, and injustices. For them, happiness can only be found by focusing on the good and turning away from the bad.

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