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4 Zodiacs Who Pretend To Move On Before They’re Ready To

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Leo’s have a hard time being alone after a breakup, and why should they when they have the support system they do? Friends, family, and colleagues all value their time, energy, and personality. So when a partner decides a Leo is not for them and leaves, there is an endless list of people who still appreciate them. They can jump right into that social interaction in a quest for immediate relief, and often won’t express the true extent of their hurt or disappointment in front of others. They’ll put on a brave face and try to focus on the positives in their life. The problem is they still need to grieve, and the more they push back that task, by overloading their calendar with things to do, the more difficult it becomes to process their real feelings underneath all of that denial.

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Virgos have an image to protect. They move on before they’re ready out of a combination of spite and disbelief. It stings more to be hurt when you have this self-image of someone who is unable to be hurt, and they’ll pretend that’s still the case in front of the rest of the world to save face. They will resent their ex, not only for leaving but more so for popping their bubble. For shoving it in their face that they are sensitive and vulnerable and able to be disappointed. Virgos are so independent that they will throw themselves into a caricature of that quality with the mentality that it’s fine that they’re single because they’re so good at being single. But there’s a difference between being able to take care of yourself and wanting to be alone.

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Scorpios have an extremely healthy level of self-esteem. They know that someone walking out the door has zero impact on their desirability. There’s no question regarding their own worth. News of their singledom is a source of excitement and buzz. Their allure could have a line of suitors wrapped around the corner in no time at all. But having options isn’t the same thing as having a deep connection with someone, and it takes a lot to get a Scorpio to trust in another person and the future of a relationship. They will try to self-soothe by enjoying the attention of admirers, the attention they were likely missing towards the end of their relationship, but it’s just a way to pass the time until their heart heals.

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Sagittariuses always have some crazy backup plan cooked up in their minds. An “in case of breakup” plot to move to France and enroll in culinary school, teach English in Asia, or become a bartender in a Scottish pub. They will hide their disappointment in a fantasy, ready to imagine everything is possible except for them actually being hurt.

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They fiend for escapism, loving a dream but rarely pulling the trigger on anything. The thoughts themselves are enough to distract them from reality. They become a comfort and a justification for moving on. “I wouldn’t be able to do x,y,z if we hadn’t broken up” becomes their mantra on repeat because they’d rather have a clean slate than look at the broken pieces of their failed relationship.

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