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4 Zodiacs Plagued By Self Doubt This Week (February 19 – 25)

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Even the boldest and most confident people have their moments when they don’t feel right. They worry that they’re making the wrong choices, that the people in their lives aren’t there for the right reasons, that they’re not as great as they could be. That self doubt can creep in when you least expect it. These four zodiac signs will be more likely than ever to be plagued by self doubt this week. Will you let it drag you under?

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You’re known for being one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac and stubbornness doesn’t just translate to your exterior world. You’re also stubborn when it comes to your inner feelings. You stubbornly hold on to your confidence even when outside forces might make other people’s self-esteem waver. This week, the stubbornness is dropping and being replaced with feelings of inferiority. You’re questioning whether you’re as badass as you always feel you are. Truth is, we all have our down days and sometimes you just need to ride it out.

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Although you have the confidence of a fire sign, your high self-esteem isn’t as set-in-stone as your fellow Aries or Sagittariuses. If it feels like people are ignoring you, you start to wonder if maybe you aren’t as amazing as you thought you were. This week, the silence you’re getting from people you admire could be contributing to your feelings of self doubt. Just because people aren’t actively praising you doesn’t mean they don’t think you’re great. Trust your own positive opinion of yourself just as much as you trust the attention you get from others.

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You’re known as a hard worker, but sometimes you’re filling your hours with tasks not because you like the work, but because you’re trying to distract yourself. What are you hiding from? It could be that your self doubt has started to creep in and you’re doing anything you can to avoid facing those feelings. This week, take a moment to check in with yourself. How are you really feeling? Facing it now is better than bottling it up until it gets so much worse.

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It’s Pisces season and you should be at the top of your game, right? Even though you’re one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac, that’s often your superpower. Still, even superheroes have moments when they question their lives and the choices they’ve made. As you sit with these feelings, ask yourself if they’re serving you. Is this self doubt telling you something you need to hear, or just getting in your way?

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