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4 Zodiacs Most Likely To Get Taken Advantage Of (And How They Can Avoid It)

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Some zodiac signs are impervious to gullibility, like our skeptical friends Scorpio and Virgo. Then there are others that seem to end up targets for scam artists, mooches, and terrible partners. If you’re on this list and resonate with it, I’ll give you some tips on how to avoid becoming a target.


People take advantage of you because: You’re the mom of the zodiac. If anyone needs help, they know that they can come to you. You pride yourself on your caretaker vibes. That’s great! But that also means that some less-than-great people might see this as an opening to take way more than you’re willing to give. They’ll guilt you, they’ll tell you a sob story, they’ll tug at your heartstrings to get what you want. They’ll resort to gaslighting. And, unfortunately, you’ll have a really tough time saying no.

Stop the cycle by: Looking for the signs that someone is taking advantage of you. A truly good person will like you as a whole, and not just when they can get something from you. Watch out for people who only show up when they need something.

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People take advantage of you because: Your pride makes you an easy mark for scams. All someone has to do to get you in their pocket is to butter you up. They say you’re amazing, great, the best in the world, then show you something to buy that will make you even more of a 10. Flattery is great and all, but only if it’s coming from a place of sincerity and not with ulterior motives.

Stop the cycle by: Stopping yourself from swooning every time someone compliments you. And you should probably research every business opportunity given to you and reserve an automatic “no” for pyramid schemes and MLMs.

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People take advantage of you because: You’re so friendly and accepting. You can make friends with a rug. And because you’ll befriend even the most down-trodden person, that’s opening yourself up to potentially becoming a target. Bad people see this smiling happy person that isn’t put off by their weird job or their lack of roots and they think, “this is a person I could convince to do anything.”

Stop the cycle by: Being skeptical of newbies. Obviously feel free to trust your inner circle, but newcomers should be vetted. I’m not saying you should start judging people, but being picky isn’t a bad thing.

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People take advantage of you because: As soon as you see anyone having a rough time, you’d do nearly anything to make them feel better. You’re the one always donating first to people’s GoFundMe pages. All that empathy is great but, like Cancer, you’re also in danger of falling victim to people ready to take advantage of your open and loving heart.

Stop the cycle by: Asking yourself if you can really afford to help someone right now. You know what they say on airplanes: Secure your mask before helping others. Don’t help someone at the expense of your own health, happiness, and wallet.

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