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Horoscope For Today: Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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We begin the day with the moon in the late degrees of dark and moody Scorpio, which loosely opposes Uranus and will form an exact trine to Neptune mid-morning. This is fertile ground for explosive emotional expression. Don’t be surprised if you get deep into your feelings—and be cautious of falling into delusional territory. Use your discernment. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

However, there is one very significant benefit to this alignment: creative types may find this energy surprisingly conducive to productivity and artistic breakthroughs. The muse may feel more accessible than usual. The veil will seem thinner. If you have been seeking a spiritual breakthrough, it’s possible that you could find it today. Looking for a spark of inspiration? Today is especially ideal for musicians and visual artists, who thrive under the Neptunian waves.

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The cosmos is quiet for most of the day, so take the opportunity to enjoy the creative potential it offers. If you’re more of an appreciator than an artist, fight the urge to doom scroll or watch a conspiracy documentary; you run the risk of self-induced paranoia. Instead, listen to a new album or try a new guided meditation.

In the early evening, the moon will ingress into Sagittarius, creating a livelier energy just in time to fend off the Sunday scaries. You might feel invigorated and more free-spirited. However, the square to Saturn in Pisces will place some boundaries and restrictions around your dreams. While you might feel restless and ready to get moving with your latest goals and ambitions, Saturn reminds you to keep things realistic.

How will today play out for you? Check your rising sign below.


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As the moon finalizes its transit through your eighth house, your money axis is lit up and you can anticipate feeling strongly about your finances. Whether you’re worrying about an overdue payment or celebrating a recent raise, today will likely be the day you’re forced to confront your money problems head on. If you try to avoid them, you will only struggle more later—don’t let the trine to Neptune in your twelfth house cloud your judgment. It’s best to keep a sense of realism and ground yourself today. Later on in the evening, when the moon moves into your ninth house, your focus will shift to higher goals. You might feel the sudden urge to do a million things at once. The square to Saturn, however, will put a stop to this impulsivity, reminding you of your responsibilities even as it promises potential for adventures in the future.


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The moon in your seventh house places relational responsibility squarely on your shoulders today, and romantic and creative partnerships are likely to work well with the trine to Neptune in your eleventh house. If you are introducing a new partner to your friends, or vice versa, everyone will probably be receptive, albeit a little too optimistic for their own good. Singles, be cautious if you’re going on a Hinge date today: you might find you’ve been misled in some way. Later in the evening, the moon will move into your eighth house, making it the ideal time to stay in and enjoy your alone time after a busy day of socializing. If you faced a disappointment today or you’re starting to spiral into self-criticism, you can trust the square to Saturn will remind you that there are bigger and more important things to worry about. Don’t trust everything you think.


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With the moon in your sixth house for most of the day, it’s an ideal time to focus on healthy habits. If you’ve been slacking on your resolution to get in shape or learn some new recipes, today is a good day to nurture yourself. Get creative with it, infusing the mundane with some magic. Organize your closet by color, make a meal from scratch, or create a new workout playlist. The trine to Neptune in your eleventh house makes this an especially good time to broaden your network, so if you’ve been considering joining a gym or a book club, today just might be the day. Around dinnertime, the moon will shift into your seventh house, putting the focus on your closest relationships. If you’re seeing someone, invite them over for dinner. If you’re single, swipe through the apps. The square to Saturn will protect you from getting in too deep.


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You’ll likely feel in good spirits this morning, with the moon in your fifth house. Romance, creativity, and pleasure will be higher priorities than usual, and when the moon forms its trine with Neptune in your ninth house, you will feel even further attuned to this energy. The striking amount of water energy in the sky today will be reflected in your heightened emotional and artistic sensibilities. Engage in a prayer or meditation practice if you are inclined. If your preference is creating art, you are likely to make something you are truly proud of today. By evening, when the moon has moved into your sixth house, you will feel prepared to direct your attention to more material matters: making a healthy dinner, doing a workout, and getting a good night’s sleep. The square to Saturn will restrict you from overdoing it. If you feel physically or mentally exhausted, take it as sign to turn in early.


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For the majority of the day, the moon is hanging out in your fourth house of home and family, so if you don’t feel inclined to venture too far from your backyard, don’t force yourself to. The trine to Neptune in your eighth house might bring confusing or unsettling news from a relative in poor health—or a partner who hasn’t been entirely truthful about their finances. Don’t let your fears consume you today, instead choosing optimism and gratitude. Remember that your current struggles will pass. By the time the moon has moved into your fifth house this evening, you’ll be feeling more positive; if you have to have a difficult conversation today, it is likely that it will result in a closer bond between all parties involved. The creative and romantic energy makes for an idyllic date night, if that’s what you’re feeling tonight. You’ll have some fun, but the square to Saturn will keep you from overspending.


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The moon in your third house directs your attention to your local community, including neighbors and siblings. The natural overflow of emotional awareness towards those around you is more earnest and forthright communication. However, with the trine to Neptune in your seventh house of relationships, you might cross paths with a stranger who gets you feeling some type of way. Avoid revealing too much about yourself and idealizing someone you’ve just met. Later on, the moon ingresses into your fourth house, bringing your focus back to domestic matters. Stay in tonight, watch a movie, and cuddle your dog. With the square to Saturn, you’ll make mature and responsible decisions tonight—even if your heart wants to text him back, your head wants to take it slow.


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Your money axis is highlighted today, with the moon in your second house, and you’ll certainly be thinking about your own personal resources and values as you go about your day. A trine to Neptune in your sixth house puts more pressure to work harder, although if you’ve recently had a career glow up, you might manage to convince yourself the other shoe is about to drop. Avoid the imposter syndrome spiral by keeping yourself busy listening to music or doing something creative. The moon will move into your third house in the early evening hours, placing your focus on your local community and siblings. If you’re hosting a few friends for dinner tonight, it’s the perfect night to do so. Expect the conversation to veer into spiritual and philosophical territory, but keep in mind that the square to Saturn could create potential miscommunications. If things start getting awkward, switch lanes. You can agree to disagree.


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The moon in your first house makes you appear more approachable to others today, while the trine to Neptune in your fifth makes creativity particularly easy and free-flowing for most of the morning and afternoon. However, if you are speaking to a new partner, be wary of potential red flags and keep your guard up. People are likely to be dishonest about themselves under this alignment, so watch out for catfishes and get-rich-quick schemes. With strong water energy in the atmosphere today, you will be more inclined to sensitivity and emotional reactivity; do something nice for yourself if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed. The moon’s ingress into your second house around dinnertime brings your attention to financial matters and your personal values. Ask yourself: What have I been avoiding? What do I want to prioritize? The new year is still young. With a square to Saturn further emphasizing responsibility, you will head to bed feeling prepared to make mature and reasonable changes to your life.


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Whenever the moon is moving through your twelfth house, you’re always at risk of escapism and feeling sorry for yourself. If you’ve been overindulging in substances this weekend, avoid the hair of the dog this morning and stay sober. You’d be better off listening to some good music, journaling, or scheduling a therapy session. The trine to Neptune in your fourth house might make you feel lonely or disconnected from your family. Call your mom and have a good vent session. You are never as alone in the world as you think you are. Early evening brings the moon’s ingress into your first house, at which point you’ll be feeling much more like yourself—ready to take on the world and crush your goals this week. Furthermore, the square to Saturn provides scaffolding to support your more ambitious dreams, reminding you that it takes time and effort to create something long-lasting and worthwhile. This is the time to lean into your responsibilities and take charge.


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The moon moves through your eleventh house today, drawing your attention to your broader network and lighting up areas of the world you weren’t even aware existed—all of which can potentially provide you with new opportunities. Hit up your local coffee shop and make conversation with a stranger, because you never know who you’re going to meet. The trine to Neptune in your third house presents the best possible circumstances for a chance meeting that turns into a meaningful friendship or career connection. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up, but be wary of anything that looks a little too perfect; you could be taken in by a swindler with a lot of promises, or worse, accidentally oversell yourself. The moon shifts into your twelfth house tonight, so you’ll probably be tempted to pour a glass of wine and unwind after a day of being “on.” Allow yourself time to relax and don’t be overly self-critical tonight. You might be hoping to receive communication ASAP, but the square to Saturn is helping you cultivate patience.


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For most of the day, you can expect the world to be paying attention to you. The moon is situated in your tenth house of career and reputation, and it’s forming a trine to Neptune in your second, meaning you could easily profit from this today. Post a TikTok and put your phone down; it just might go unexpectedly viral, bringing in financial opportunities. If the influencer life isn’t for you, you can still get out of the house and socialize. Your local community will inevitably take notice, too. The moon will move into your eleventh house around sundown, so you can anticipate more networking opportunities and potential new friends to flock to you. Your eccentricities and unique personality just might make you a trendsetter, like many Aquarians. However, the square to Saturn might bring delays in your financial sphere. If you are promised payment immediately, it might take a little longer to come through. Don’t be impatient in the meantime. No one has ever gotten everything they wanted overnight.


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The moon in your ninth house draws your focus to the metaphysical side of life today. You might feel like getting up early to attend a religious service this morning or to go for a meditative walk around your neighborhood. The trine to Neptune in your first house gives you a more mature, and potentially severe, appearance today. It is a day to take life seriously, whether that means getting deep into your meditation practice or working on a piece of music you’ve been struggling to get right. The amount of water energy in the cosmos today lends itself nicely to creativity, and it is in these waters that you are most naturally comfortable. By evening, the moon will have moved into your tenth house, preparing you for a night of popularity and attention. Post on social media now if you’re hoping to get more likes. The square to Pisces suggests your goals might take a while to come to fruition, but you are absolutely within your capacity to reach them in time. Set your sights on the long game, rather than shooting for short-term success.

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