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4 Zodiacs About To Take A Life-Changing Risk

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You are going to send out a single résumé, Gemini, and everything will change. I’m not saying you’ll get the first job you apply to, although that is within the realm of possibility. However, a seismic mindset shift is guaranteed.

Whether you see your job as a fundamental part of your identity, or you’ve been afraid that whatever’s out there will be worse than your current situation, the simple act of taking one step toward an alternative will transform the way you see yourself. It’s impossible to transform a life overnight, but the tiniest nudge can set off a chain reaction that builds momentum.

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You are going to seclude yourself temporarily, Leo. Conflicting opinions are competing for you to adhere to their demands, and there is no way to please everyone. You must escape from all the discord, listen to your conscience, and figure out where you stand.

You risk upsetting all parties by taking this time away, but it is necessary. Be wary of those who seem overly adamant about not letting you go. They are aware that time and space will bring the flaws of their argument into focus (and their only chance to retain their hold is through manipulation).

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You will embrace whatever it is you’ve been embarrassed about, Scorpio. Maybe it’s the style you’ve been dying to try, but have been afraid you can’t pull off. Maybe you’ve been hiding your true interests and passions. Let yourself do, be, wear, say, act, and feel the thing you’ve been longing for. It will be liberating.

Your sense of self will grow strong — an anchor in a tough world we all must navigate. If a pair of lucky ankle socks with a funky design are the reassurance you need to tackle life’s challenges, rock them without shame. You deserve to be the most authentic version of yourself.

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You’re going to speak up, Capricorn. You’ve been utterly terrified of rocking the boat for so long, so much so that you haven’t realized you’re about to sink it with the heavy load of unspoken grievances you’ve been accumulating. It doesn’t matter if the culprit is work, friends, family, or a romantic partner. Something’s gotta give because you can’t continue going on this way.

You have ideas, opinions, and feelings that need to be shared. Yes, you run the risk that your words won’t be received. However, you can’t continue to repress everything. So let it all out. The best-case scenario is that you are heard and validated. The worst is that you gain the closure you need to move on.

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