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How You Intimidate Your Haters, Based On Your Birth Month

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You intimidate them by being too vocal about your triumphs and your accomplishments which makes them jealous and feeling like they’re not as successful as you are. You don’t do it to brag but you’re genuinely proud of your accomplishments and how far you’ve come which makes your haters feel like they have a long way to go just to get on your level.

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You intimidate them by speaking what’s on your mind without holding back or sugarcoating anything. You tell it like it is, even if it’s harsh, because you generally don’t know how to filter your words or yourself and you’re not afraid to tell your haters what they don’t want to hear—and you do it with a smile on your face because you’re always ready to engage in a war of words, knowing that you will most likely win.

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You intimidate them by making them feel like you don’t need them because you are too independent and you never ask for help. You always have everything figured out and you don’t welcome anyone’s help or advice, so you push people away when they try to get involved. This makes it very difficult for your haters to pry into your life and mess it up, which is something they dread.

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You intimidate them by flaunting your power. You are always making big moves and living your best life that sometimes people can’t keep up. You’re always traveling somewhere exotic or making major business deals with the most influential people in your city, which leaves your haters spiraling, wondering why you always seem to get the best opportunities without trying too hard.

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You intimidate them by keeping them close, literally. You befriend all your haters and you hold no grudges. You’re not trying to prove them wrong or compete with them and you’re always nice and pleasant when you see them, no matter what they have said about you, because you have nothing to hide and you don’t give them the satisfaction that they’re affecting you or hindering you in any way, which is actually true because you are so confident and unbothered and that drives them crazy.

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You intimidate them by ignoring them because you really don’t notice them or care about them at all. They can try as much as they want to hurt you, but you are simply content with your life and your inner circle and you truly have no room in your life for any unnecessary drama or hate. You are just doing you and that’s all you’re focused on.

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You intimidate them by stealing their thunder. Whatever they try to do, you find a way to do it better and on top of that, you’re so popular that people want to actually work with you and help you. You do it so effortlessly and that leaves your haters even more confused and angry.

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You intimidate them by confronting them because you are fearless and you’re not afraid of confronting anyone who tries to get you in trouble. Your haters always think twice before messing with you because they know that your reaction will not be so nice. You fight back and you don’t let anyone get away with hurting you and that scares your haters off.

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You intimidate them by your popularity and how many people like you. You have so many friends and people sticking up for you and having your back that your haters find it difficult to turn anyone against you. Every time they try, someone either defends you or stands up for you, and they find it very hard to take you down when you have so many people rooting for you.

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You intimidate them by your intellect and knowledge. You’re very calculated and you rarely slip up so your haters can’t really find any loopholes to use against you. You also don’t reveal your weaknesses to anyone, so no one really knows how to tear you down or where to even start.

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You intimidate them by your undeniable charisma to the point where your haters secretly like you. You know the saying “I need new haters, the old ones are becoming fans?” This is the case with your haters. They want to know your secret and how your charm and charisma help you get away with murder every single time. They love to hate you because they want to be like you.

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You intimidate them by your drive and your determination. You surprise your haters every time because you never quit even when the odds are against you. You’re a fighter and every time they think that you’re finished or that this time you won’t fight any more battles, you show up and you win the war. It’s impossible for you to quit, especially when you’re around people who want you to.

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