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4 Zodiac Signs With The Best Music Taste

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Gemini, with Mercury as your ruling planet, you’re all about communication and staying current, and your music taste reflects this. You’re the friend everyone goes to for the newest tracks and hottest emerging artists. Your playlists are a blend of all sorts of genres, languages, and eras – a testament to your curiosity and love for variety. Always the first to know about the best upcoming bands and the latest music trends, you’re the ultimate mix-master, creating soundtracks that somehow manage to satisfy even the pickiest music lovers.

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Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, you have an unquenchable thirst for exploration, and your music taste is a passport to different cultures and worlds. You love to immerse yourself in music from all around the globe. You’re no stranger to trying to find translations for songs in languages you don’t understand or tuning into random radio stations from all around the world. Your playlists are a reflection of your adventurous spirit, and you especially gravitate towards songs that tell stories of journeys, life lessons, or even folklore (are you a lover of folk or indie music, Sagittarius?). You don’t just listen to music; you journey through it, always seeking to understand the story behind every song.

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Libra, your ruling planet Venus not only gives you a sense of aesthetics but also a deep love for harmonious melodies. You have an ear for music that brings balance and beauty into any setting. Your playlists are often filled with tunes that are both pleasing and thought-provoking, from classical symphonies to indie pop ballads. You have a talent for creating the perfect ambiance through music, making sure that every note and lyric resonates with both the mood and the company. You’re definitely the go-to playlist creator for long road trips and friendly gatherings alike.


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Taurus, you have an innate appreciation for music that speaks to the soul. You have a secret knack for discovering hidden gems, whether it’s a vintage jazz record or the latest indie folk sensation. Your playlists are like a fine wine – rich, full-bodied, and diverse. From classical masterpieces to soulful R&B, your music collection is as eclectic as it is sophisticated. You thrive off of creature comforts and routine, so you also have a solid playlist full of your go-to favorites that you never get tired of. You’re not just about finding background noise to listen to; you enjoy the experience, the artistry, and the emotions music can produce for you.

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