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4 Zodiacs Who Haven’t Found Love Because They Sabotage Their Connections

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Aries turns and runs at the first sign of criticism. A partner who really sees them as they are, flaws front and center, is bound to speak up at some point, to call them out or challenge them to be better, and Aries can’t handle being under the microscope like that. Rather than admit the other person is right, they freeze up and shut down emotionally, putting up a wall between them and their loved one. Even though this level of intimacy is exactly what they want most, receiving it is so intimidating and scary they run from it. They’ll never be able to build a solid bond with someone else until they learn to overcome these fears. When they do, they will begin a process of self-awareness and self-improvement that will propel them into a new era of maturity.

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Libra slows down their own whirlwind romance for the sake of self-control, but in the process sacrifices authenticity. They begin the relationship never saying what they really mean, never revealing their true thoughts, never showing themselves for who they truly are. The partner experiences a watered down version of Libra, and while they may pick up notes of something great, there’s no doubt that something is significantly lacking. It’s like going to a South Asian buffet and only ordering a plain dosa when you should be loading it up with veggies, chili, masala, then dunking it into some sambar and at least two different kinds of chutney. Libra is meant to shine in their full complexity, with all of their baggage, and the story of their life that’s built around it. Hiding behind a dating profile that says they like “tacos” and “dogs” is a disservice to humanity.

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Taurus will let the first tiff make or break the relationship, with an emphasis on “break”. They place so much importance on establishing this precedent of dominance in their relationship. They want to see that someone will be the one to apologize first, the one to chase after them, the one to relinquish their ego to keep Taurus by their side. Taurus wants actual proof that this person isn’t going to abandon them, no matter how heartless they may have to appear in the process. It’s all a game of tug of war to them, which ends badly if the other person is taking this faux fight personally. Some people don’t want to be pushed and then pulled and then pushed all over again. Some people are looking for something more clear cut in its stability. They just won’t find it with a Taurus.

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Cancer’s problem is that they can be patient to a fault. They assume they need to give their partners a run way to identify, embrace, and communicate their feelings, but sometimes people are waiting for Cancer to make the first move. Because Cancer comes off as such a people pleaser, it can be hard to read their true feelings. Their partners want to know whether they actually like them, or if Cancer is this accommodating and easy to talk to on all of their dates. They don’t know whether to expect a late night text confessing their feelings, or a “hey this was great, but” text letting them down easy. Cancer sabotages their own connections by giving the other party too much space. Instead of fostering a closer connection, they give off the impression that everything is strictly platonic in the process.

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