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4 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Lives Will Be Most Affected This Libra Season

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From August 23rd to September 22nd, the Sun will be in the diplomatic, harmonious sign of Libra. This season often brings about a desire to connect with others, take others into account, and lean into community.

As the Sun joins Mars in Libra at the beginning of the season, you may feel a push to take action in your relationships. Later, when Mercury makes its shift into the air sign on October 4th, you may feel more inclined to ask others to voice their feelings and perspectives, which can lead to some interpersonal revelations.

To add more to the mix, the Full Moon in Aries on September 29th will mark the closing chapters to some personal endeavors. And, the New Moon in Libra on October 14th will shift focus onto new beginnings for connections—a powerful event given it’s also a Solar Eclipse. Venus still continues its trek through Leo, forming trines with the North Node and the Full Moon in Aries, focusing even more on the ways our relationships affect our destiny.

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While all the signs will experience the impact of these transits, four signs will feel them most distinctly in terms of their relationships.

Check the signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see the four signs whose love lives will be most affected this Libra season.


Your season has arrived Libra, and the Sun is moving through your 1st House of Self and Identity. Often the relationships we form with ourselves play a role in how we connect with others, and vice versa. As you reassess the ways you feel comfortable in your skin and the version of yourself you present to others, you may recognize the desire to fit what others want of you—but what do you want? Your bonds and connections may feel thrust to the forefront as the Full Moon in Aries shines a light on your 7th House of Relationships. Additionally, with Jupiter currently retrograding in the fellow Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, the tangible ways you are connected to others may also require some reflection.

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With Libra ruling your 7th House of Relationships, your relationships are front and center, Aries. With the Sun and Mars kicking things off in your 7th House, the shift from focusing on you to your connections will feel more prominent. It’s important to accept that just because you are capable of taking on life yourself doesn’t mean you have to carry the weight alone. Additionally, with Venus in Leo forming a harmonious trine with the North Node in your sign, you could feel more empowered than usual to pursue relationships or make new connections in line with your future.

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You may be known as a hopeless romantic, Pisces, but diplomatic Libra is pushing you to look at some of the more tangible aspects of your connections. The Sun and Mars are working through your 8th House of Bonds and Shared Resources, which could open the door to some realizations about what ties you to others. In romantic relationships, paying attention to any financial or legal ties will be in your best interest, especially if you’re feeling pushed into long-term commitments. Additionally, Venus in Leo has been hanging out in your 6th House of Habits and Routines, which could shed some additional light on the way your day-to-day is impacted by your relationships. It’s easy to sink into love and emotion, but sitting with the more practical aspects of your relationships may do more for you than you realize.

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Libra season is shaking up your romantic and creative perspectives, Aquarius, and it’s a good thing. The Sun and Mars will continue through your 5th House of Romance and Creativity, which could shine a light (and a little action) in terms of flirting, meeting new people, and spicing things up. With the New Moon in the Libra Solar Eclipse taking place in this house, this window could be ideal for putting yourself out there and seeing what could happen. Additionally, Venus in Leo is still working through your 7th House of Relationships, continuing your journey in establishing firmer boundaries and expectations for what you want in your relationships. When it forms a trine on October 2nd to the Aries North Node in your 11th House of Friendships and Networking, you could find that some of your established friendships have been setting the stage for something more.

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