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This is How Each Zodiac Sign Would Cheat On You Emotionally

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The restless Aries is the most unfaithful sign of the Zodiac. They constantly seek new adventures and unfortunately, they get easily bored. As soon as that feeling strikes them, they are carelessly jumping to new adventures.

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They are very insecure and it suits them when someone flirts with them. They won’t cheat on you physically, but an emotional affair is not that big of a problem to them. Being showered with attention is what feeds their egos.


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They are total family types. They won’t ever get the idea of cheating on you unless they suspect you’re the one that’s being unfaithful. Although they can be so wrong, if they suspect even a little bit, they will pay you back, big time.

They will find a cute girl and get this—they won’t complain about you. Instead, they will be there for her. They will listen to her and they will play that role of a cute and understanding guy. She will eventually get the feeling she can trust him and you know what comes next. But, even before all that goes down, a Taurus has already emotionally cheated on you.

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Gemini are a split personality. On the one hand, they will love you and shower you with everything you want—they will be the best versions of themselves and the best thing that has ever happened to you. But, on the other hand, if you piss them off, they will turn to the total opposite of what you think they are.

They will go all-in in cheating. They are no strangers to asking your friends to lunches and then pretending like that’s the most common thing ever. But it isn’t because their intentions are not pure. It is to make you jealous and to hurt you—nothing less.

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Cancers are the most devoted of all the signs of the Zodiac. If they chose you, you will experience the unconditional love that will last until you both die. In fact, they will love you for eternity.

But, there’s a catch. Since they are so considerate, they will have those ‘suspicious’ friendships that border on romantic relationships—nothing physical, only emotional stuff.

They will try and hide that ‘special’ friend from you, but since they are so honest by nature, they won’t be able to hide for a long time.


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Since Leo’s are so egocentric, they crave attention. And when they don’t get it—boy, are you in trouble. Be sure your Leo boyfriend has a stock of girls as a ‘backup’ if the thing you got going on falls apart.

Whenever the two of you get into the fight, he’s getting back in contact with some of his ‘backup’ girls. And no matter if they have boyfriends or not, a Leo will convince them he is the best they can have.


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They are not such virgins as the name tells you. They are the sneakiest sign of the Zodiac. Virgos have no problem with falling in love with multiple girls at the same time—they are organized, they can handle it. The most important thing is that you will never find out if a Virgo is up to something. They will hide their tracks like a snake hides its legs.

They are a kind of attention-seeker and they won’t go into a physical relationship with those girls. They will compliment them and gladly receive compliments back because it suits their attention-seeking.


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Libras are very faithful in theory. They will never cheat on you physically, but emotionally—it’s a whole different story. The problem is that they don’t consider emotional affairs as an actual affair.

Don’t be surprised if you catch a Libra finding matches in online dating just to see how many they can get. Don’t be surprised if they use every possible chance they get to fantasize and look at other girls. They are just like that and they don’t consider that cheating.


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Scorpios are a possessive sign that seeks revenge. If they even suspect you’ve been up to no good, they will instantly seek the opportunity to get even with you.

They will shamelessly call your best friend and bitch about you, but in a way, so your friend believes that crap. They are so cunning. Look out for the rage of a Scorpio because he will hurt you badly.


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They are pure thrill-seekers. Their approach to cheating is to win it! They will coldly invest everything they’ve got because they are so sure they will succeed.

Don’t be stunned if he brings up an old friend all of a sudden and starts seeing her and sharing secrets which you never knew with her. And don’t be surprised he’s not keeping her a secret.

He will shove the fact they are having a great time right in your face because his goal is to make you jealous—not cheating, just jealousy.


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Capricorns are usually very loyal and they will be by your side as long as they feel you’re giving yourself to them physically and emotionally. If they see something is not right in that sense, they will seek what’s missing in another girl.

It will surely come to s-ting, but not to the actual act itself. Even though they won’t do it, they like to know they can if the things between the two of you fall apart.


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They are the true example of being ‘hot, hot, hot’ and then ‘cold, cold, cold’ all of a sudden. So in other words, they fall in love easily and they get cooled off easily. While still being in a relationship, they will find the next girl and try something—even if the two of you are still together.

They will text her and like all of her Facebook posts with no shame, even if they are still in a relationship with you. Even if you are on a date, they will check their phones in the hope the other girl has answered or posted something new on her wall. You will be left there wondering why he’s changed all of a sudden without any warning.


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Pisces are very emotional and creative—they are sensitive souls. Usually, they are not likely to cheat, but if you, by any chance, don’t agree with their choice of music or movies the two of you watch, be sure they will find someone who will.

They have some standards which don’t have anything to do with physical stuff—only deep emotional stuff. And if you don’t meet their standards, they will keep on looking for someone who will.

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