Zodiac Signs

3 Zodiacs Who Make The Best Therapists

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1. Cancer

Nurturing Cancer would make an excellent therapist due to their emotional awareness, intuition, and empathy. Coupled with their superb listening skills, Cancer would be able to make their clients feel heard and understood. Cancer’s clients would be comfortable opening up to them, even about the most painful situations and feelings, because Cancer would create a safe space for their clients to be their fullest, rawest selves.

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2. Virgo

Detail-oriented Virgo would make a great therapist because of their systemic and analytical nature. Virgo would be able to pick up on even the most subtle signs that a client is struggling deeply and be able to help them take a step-by-step approach to healing. Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, specifically in regards to information and input. This means Virgo is a supportive, attentive listener. Virgo is also incredibly kind and loves to take care of others.

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3. Gemini

Emotionally expressive and infinitely curious Gemini would make an amazing therapist. Gemini would be determined to get to the bottom of a client’s core struggles and needs, helping them navigate their way out of their pain. Like Virgo, Gemini is also ruled by Mercury but in regards to output and emotional expression. This means Gemini would welcome big feelings into their office and can help their clients learn how to manage those difficult emotions and therefore improve their lives as a result.

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