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4 Zodiac Signs That Will Have A Terrible Week (4/17 – 4/23)

This week marks the beginning of significant life changes for four major Zodiac signs. Major cosmic events kick off this week; Mercury is in its moody retrograde pre-shadow up until it enters its infamously chaotic retrograde period on the 21st.

Even more rare is the hybrid solar eclipse on the 20th; this could indicate periods of rebirth for all, but especially sun signs of this month. This eclipse may bring about some negative changes for certain signs this week; although the events of this week will eventually bring good fortune, there are a few sun signs that will have to endure chaos first.

Wondering how to navigate the celestial seas this week? If your sign is predicted to encounter troubled waters ahead, read on to prepare yourself and learn where to focus your energy.


Taurus signs belong to the Earth element and are ruled by none other than Venus, the planet of love. This gives Taurus signs a special connection to the world of romance and gives them a gentle, down-to-earth, and dependable personality – even if they tend to be stubborn, too. Taurus is the second sign in the Zodiac and its sun sign ranges from April 20th to May 20th. The sign for Taurus is the loyal Bull.

The sun period for Taurus begins this year at the exact same time Mercury officially enters retrograde. Taurus signs can expect an extremely eventful week this week, as they will be most affected by Mercury’s infamously chaos-causing retrograde.

As Mercury prepares for retrograde at the beginning of this week, Taurus may experience communication issues during the pre-shadow retrograde beginning on or around the 17th. Taurus signs should dedicate extra energy to maintaining their communication channels; they can expect many communication errors to happen in their romantic and home life. These errors are most likely to happen via technology, though verbal and written miscommunication is never off the table.

Although Mercury’s retrograde period will have the most influence over their finances, Taurus can expect financial changes to begin on April 20th – or even as early as the 19th – with the hybrid solar eclipse. This is a period of change and growth for all times, but Taurus sun signs may find the eclipse to be much more emotional and chaotic. Expect heavy mood swings during and around the day of the eclipse.

On the day of the eclipse, Taurus sun signs begin their yearly takeover. This period of power for Taurus should be monitored carefully this year, though; this week, the 21st sees Mercury go into retrograde. Taurus signs will notice Mercury mostly impacting the financial side of their lives. Taurus can expect major changes in their finances as well as their impulsivity in regard to spending money this week. Bull signs should reign in their spending this week and carefully consider any major spending impulses; this week could potentially bring about financial downfalls beginning on or around the 21st, so it’s best to be prepared.

Although Taurus signs will have their week filled with financial difficulties, emotional turmoil, and communication issues, they can expect to see some positive changes coming about as a result of these experiences within the next few months. Taurus signs, use your knowledge of the upcoming joy to make it through this difficult week.

For Taurus signs with birthdays on or soon after the eclipse, this signifies a year of major change. Unfortunately, it might also make your week extra difficult and heighten the emotional impact of the eclipse. Stay strong and look forward to the positivity these changes will bring in the next year.


Fire sign Aries is ruled by Mars, giving Aries a reputation for being fierce, adventurous, and maybe a little impulsive. Aries is the very first sign in the zodiac and is represented by the strong and powerful Ram. Aries sun signs begin on March 21st and end on April 19th.

Unfortunately, the stars are not aligned for Aries signs this week; the impending eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde pre-shadow may affect Aries’ physical and mental well-being.

Since Mercury is slowing down in preparation for the backwards energy that is to come, Aries may find themselves feeling frustrated, snappy, and stuck. For Aries sun signs, Mercury typically influences financial and romantic relationships; these are the areas Aries should pay extra attention to this week.

This week may be particularly challenging for Aries when setting the stage for the changes to come in the retrograde and retrograde shadow periods. Aries will experience precursors to the turmoil that is yet to come, particularly in the finance and romance departments.

During this week’s retrograde pre-shadow, Aries should be on the lookout for arguments with romantic partners, communication problems with loved ones, or feelings of instability in regard to their romantic life. Additionally, be wary of impending financial fluctuation. Aries may experience change in their career, suffer a financial loss, or feel that they are not managing their money properly.

As for the hybrid eclipse, it might just bring even more chaos for Aries this week. The eclipse falls just before Mercury enters retrograde, which is already a shaky period; and eclipses, which are known to shake things up for Zodiac signs, will add even more fuel to the fire. Aries may experience significant events during or around the eclipse, especially related to their romantic lives. Aries may feel impulsive and possibly confused on the direction they should take during the major changes that will play out this week.

Fortunately, an eclipse is also a period of rebirth, healing, and positive change; Aries signs can take comfort in the fact that once this week is over, significant positive changes may have already occurred in their lives. Use this positivity and motivation to survive the turbulent seas of Mercury’s retrograde.

Aries is not a sun sign past April 19th, but may still feel strong effects of Mercury’s retrograde this year. The retrograde falls close enough to Aries’ sun month that it’s not just the retrograde pre-shadow Aries will need to worry about. Aries should stay on high alert for turbulence beginning on the very last day of this week; the 21st may be an eventful day for Aries kicking off Mercury’s retrograde. Because of this, Aries should keep their guard up all week long.

Aries, if you’re celebrating your birthday this week, be warned; you might feel the effects of the Mercury pre-shadow even more heavily than usual. The closer your birthday falls to Mercury’s official retrograde date on the 21st, the more likely you are to feel its effects. However, a birthday this week this could mean good news for you in the long run; if your birthday falls within five days of this week’s eclipse, it means the following year will bring about major changes in your life. While these changes may at first seem negative or inconsequential, they will start to take root with time and change your life for the better.


Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, ruled by planet Mercury. The planet of communication gives Virgos equally powerful communication abilities, and also makes them logical and kind. The Virgo sign emerges from August 23rd to September 22nd and is represented by the calm and beautiful Maiden. Virgo belongs to the grounded Earth element.

Because Mercury rules over Virgo, this sign may experience special difficulties when Mercury enters its retrograde period – and not just concerning communication.

While Mercury prepares for retrograde during its retrograde pre-shadow period up until the 21st, Virgos may notice that they feel emotionally misunderstood and turbulent starting on the 17th. Virgos may begin the week with minor inconveniences that will eventually turn into full-blown disruptions; Virgos should focus on keeping track of their possessions and leave extra time for delayed travel during the first half of the week. Later in Mercury’s retrograde pre-shadow, Virgos can switch their focus to their romantic relationships.

Virgos may have their worst days on or directly around this week’s eclipse on the 20th. Virgos may experience a period of extreme burnout or feel unusually stressed as the eclipse draws nearer. Virgos should act with extreme caution on and around the day of the eclipse; this week is not a good time for Virgos to be impulsive.

As Mercury enters retrograde on the 21st, Virgos should prepare to immediately begin experiencing disruptions in many aspects of life. Although the main chaos of this week does relate to communication, Virgos ruled by Mercury will notice that multiple facets of their life will be thrown into disarray. The Maiden sign can expect to feel confused and lost at the end of this week; Virgos may also experience setbacks in their physical health and professional life.

Although Mercury’s retrograde usually signifies a tough time for Virgos, surviving this week could bring about a time of peace and power for this Earth sign. Once the week is over, themes of self-discovery and renewed connections are on the horizon for Virgos. Give yourself extra room to breathe this week, take some time away from technology, and know that you’ll be back to your usual communicative self soon enough.


Gemini, the sign of the Twin, is the third sign in the Zodiac. This sun sign appears from May 21st to June 21st, and is ruled by Mercury. Geminis tend to be playful, extroverted, and bubbly; their myriad professional activities and hobbies may cause them to act indecisively, too. Geminis belong to the intelligent Air element.

Just like Virgos, Gemini signs may find all aspects of their life affected by Mercury’s retrograde beginning this week. Geminis’ sociable nature will likely take a hit as the retrograde and pre-shadow retrograde cause communication issues.

Mercury’s retrograde pre-shadow may be a difficult time for Geminis, who will feel the effects of the retrograde much sooner than most other signs. As Mercury prepares to enter retrograde, Geminis will likely have a rough start to their week relationship-wise; they may encounter exes, toxic friends, and lots of gossip. Geminis may also feel an unusual urge to indulge in these unhealthy relationships, which may affect their social wellbeing; Geminis should steer clear of gossip and backtalk leading up to the eclipse this week.

The solar eclipse may mark a significant change in Gemini relationships, and not necessarily for the better. Geminis should prepare for the end of certain relationships to occur around the time of the eclipse; if there is anyone in their life that they feel indecisive about, the universe may make a critical decision for Geminis this week by bringing about the end of those relationships. Gemini signs should note that these changes will likely occur suddenly, particularly as the eclipse draws near.

As Mercury enters retrograde on the 21st, Geminis may notice their normally impeccable communication skills start to falter. Geminis can expect issues in their relationships later this week; they may find themselves misreading messages or losing track of their mail. The Twin sign’s relationships will be affected by miscommunication this week, so Geminis should try to pay extra attention to their friends, family, and romantic life.

Gemini, your reward for making it through this impossible week is many new relationships to enjoy in the future. You may even find old relationships blossoming again. Whether you encounter a new prospective romantic partner or reconnect with an old friend, this week’s eclipse will likely bring about new beginnings for you – even if you don’t see them just yet. Be patient this week and find peace in the fact that your social life will prosper soon enough.

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