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4 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Leo Soulmates

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First things first: When you talk about Leo, you’re talking about a fire sign with a fixed modality who is ruled by the sun and symbolized by a Lion. It doesn’t get any more alpha than that.

Unlike most ideal romantic pairings, which are built on the theme of “opposites attract” and filling one another’s gaps, Leo is a lifelong member of the “like seeks like” school of attraction. They tend to seek out partners who mirror reflections of themselves. They simply aren’t attracted to shy wallflowers who are hyper-emotional and cry themselves silly over love songs and rom-coms. As long as you don’t get in their way, Leo is glad to take you along for the ride. Although they tend to be all about themselves, they will let you bask in the warm glow of their sunshine.

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Here are the four signs most likely to click with a Leo in terms of attraction and romantic compatibility.


This is the ultimate power couple. When Leo and Aries walk in the room arm-in-arm, all eyes are on them—they make sure of it. When the Ram and the Lion lie down together, a bonfire of passion is inevitable. One might even expect volcanic eruptions. Fire multiplied by fire equals a wildfire—especially in the bedroom. But since they are both dominant personalities, this can lead to conflict. If either one of them sings too loudly, they lose the sweet harmony that allows them to make such beautiful music together. They need to emphasize that they are in it to win it, and if they are at odds, both of them lose.

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Whereas Leo is presidential material, Taurus is like the all-knowing advisor sitting perched on the fringes and offering policy suggestions. Unlike Leo, Taurus does not need—or even want—attention. The Bull is perfectly content to lurk in the shadows, pulling the strings. Taurus will map out the blueprint that allows Leo to achieve their wildest dreams. Being an Earth sign, Taurus is able to bring Leo’s ego down a notch before it blazes out of control. But to make it all work, Leo has to get over themselves just a tad, and Taurus needs to ease up on their stubbornness.

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Gemini is a dreamer, and Leo is a planner. Leo is a fire sign and Gemini is an air sign, and all a fire needs to grow, spread, and burn brightly is a steady flow of air. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Since Leo’s outward confidence is undermined by an inner need for constant validation and reassurance, no other sign can match Gemini’s verbal dexterity for being able to flatter, praise, motivate, tantalize, and inspire Leo. And since Gemini has a tendency to lose their head in the clouds, Leo is perfect for giving them the occasional much-needed reality check.

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Just like Leo, Libra is a natural-born attention hog. Both signs seek the spotlight like a flower craves the sunlight. When these two social butterflies catch each other’s attention, it can be magical. Leo’s alpha personality and glimmering confidence can be the perfect match for Libra’s easygoing, fun-loving, wide-eyed charisma. Just like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury and indulgence. The more practical and business-oriented Leo finds Libra’s libertine streak irresistible, almost as if Libra is a gourmet chef, a bartender, and a geisha rolled up into one. Whatever Leo wants, Libra has—and plenty of it.

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