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4 Birth Months Who Struggle To Bounce Back From Heartbreak

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Some people are able to get over their lost loves without too much struggle. All they need is a little bit of time and they will move on. But others will spend months, if not years, pining over their exes. They will find it difficult to forget the past and focus on a brand-new future. Here are the birth months who struggle to bounce back from heartbreak:

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You struggle to bounce back from heartbreak because you take everything others say and do to heart. You aren’t able to forget the kind words, or the hurtful words, that were aimed at you. It gets stuck in your mind forever, and you replay it at night again and again. That’s why it’s so hard for you to move on from past relationships and even friendships. When someone who once held a special place in your life disappears, they might be out of sight, but they aren’t out of mind. You will spend a long time daydreaming about the good times you shared and missing them dearly. But you will eventually get over losing them. It just takes you more time than most, so you need to remain patient with yourself. You need to trust the resiliency of your heart.

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You struggle to bounce back from heartbreak because you are a nostalgic person. You spend a lot of time thinking about people from your past, even when you know that you are better off without them in your present day life. Even though the logical side of you knows that you should move on, your emotional side wants to linger on the wrong people. Since your heart is louder than your head, it takes a long time for you to heal from the pain you’ve been through. It takes a long time to accept losses. But you are still capable of overcoming this heartbreak. You will get there eventually, even though it might feel like an impossibility in the early days. It just takes time.

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You struggle to bounce back from heartbreak because loss brings out your worst insecurities. It makes you wonder whether you are enough, whether you will ever find people who truly value and understand you. Although loss can make you feel terrible about your appearance or your personality, you need to remember that one person’s opinion isn’t the only opinion. There are so many other people out there who will give you what you deserve. It might take time to find them, and it might take time to get over your heartbreak, but it will happen eventually. Your pain will grow smaller and smaller over time.

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You struggle to bounce back from heartbreak because you get strongly attached to the people in your life. Once you decide to commit to someone, you are all in. You assume that they are going to be around forever, and when that turns out not to be the case, it’s difficult for you to accept. It takes you a long time to admit that you were wrong about someone, and to stop yourself from trying to win them back or give them another chance. Of course, you will overcome your heartbreak eventually.

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