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4 Zodiac Signs That Are Predisposed To Love Exercise

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Whether your element is earth, air, water, or fire, every zodiac sign can agree that getting in shape is a worthwhile endeavor. Nevertheless, some signs are more inclined to exercise than others. From letting out their frustrations in an old-school boxing gym to boutique barre classes, here are the 4 zodiac signs that love exercise.

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These battling rams live for those post-workout feel-good endorphins. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries’ fiery outlook lends itself well to physical activities that work up a sweat. Aries are naturally competitive and will find themselves drawn to high-energy activities such as HIIT classes, aerobic cardio bursts, and boxing. Headstrong and ambitious, this earth sign won’t hesitate to get down and dirty in the ring. Their inherent motivation and determination mean once they pick out a routine they’ll stick with it. Watch them impress the crowd when they nail a PR on the track or whip out a flawless uppercut during their kickboxing class.

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Grounded, practical, and just a teensy bit stubborn, these fellow earth signs can also be regularly found at the gym. As the bull, Taurus values strength and practicality. Find them by the squat rack or Smith machine as they blast old-school rock and attempt to hit a PB. Governed by the planet Venus, Taurus knows the value of investment. They appreciate the consistency of a daily fitness regimen and know they’ll reap the benefits of regular exercise in the future. Thanks to their dedication to resistance and weight training, you can bet on Taurus having an enviable physique.

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Lovely Leo adores the spotlight. For this outgoing fire sign, all the world’s a stage. Spot these regal lions showing off their moves in a Zumba class or working on that glute burn at Barre. Renowned for their discipline and stability, once Leo finds their fitness groove they will go all in. In alignment with their party personalities, Leo will fall head over heels for any exercise class that features a killer playlist. Also known as natural leaders, don’t be surprised if your favorite Leo dives into becoming a certified fitness instructor. These charismatic kings and queens love taking the lead.

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Heralded as the ‘do-ers’ of the zodiac, Capricorn’s relentless focus and unparalleled work ethic help them succeed in all areas of life, including fitness. Capricorn’s planetary ruler is Saturn, which gives them a natural affinity for rules, responsibility, and time. These earth signs will have a multitude of fitness goals to achieve within their already packed schedule. From running a marathon to scoring the winning goal in their intramural soccer league, Capricorns appreciate physical pursuits with clear boundaries. Their practical spirit and unique blend of confidence and humility mean that Capricorns are always willing to try new things. Symbolized by the sea goat, Capricorns should tap into their mountainous roots with a stint at a rock climbing gym. They may find the camaraderie they’ve been craving at the bouldering wall.

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