Zodiac Signs

How To Lose The Trust Of Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries: With lies.

Aries cannot stand being taken for a fool. For someone to lie to them, omit the truth, or deceive them is to insult their intelligence. They are a strong, proud creature who holds a high perception of themselves to be anything but truthful to them is to damage their ego. Aries is also one of the most transparent and straightforward zodiac signs there is. Of course, they would expect the same from others. To choose dishonesty is to forever lose an Aries’ heart.

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Taurus: Being insincere, inconsistent, or unreliable.

Taurus requires stability and security in every aspect of their life and in every relationship—platonic or romantic. Once you’ve let them down, they deduce that you’re not a person who can be depended on. This means not following through with your words with action, displaying any kind of inconsistency, or not being there for them the way they are with you. Taurus also can’t trust those who aren’t genuine. They’re one of the most sincere signs of the zodiac and don’t understand why others can’t do the same.

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Gemini: Insult their intelligence.

Gemini may come off as free-spirited, lighthearted, easygoing, wild, and fun—but they’re so much more than that. Although they’re often mistaken as superficial, this zodiac is a creature with profound depth. It’s a trigger for them when anyone treats them as shallow or insults their intelligence. To trash on their ideas or perspective translates into you not understanding them. They’ll classify you as just another person who misunderstands them. Your relationship will never be the same.

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Cancer: Be a bad friend to them or others.

Cancer’s number one priorities are home, family, and friendship. They derive their fulfillment from their relationships. There’s nothing they cherish more. To treat them any less than they treat you is a major red flag for them. Once you hurt them once, it’s hard for them to trust you again, platonically or romantically. So is watching you be two-faced or a bad friend to others. If others can’t trust you, then why should they?

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Leo: Humiliation.

It’s simple: Don’t humiliate Leo ever. It’s unforgivable to them. This Sun-ruled zodiac sign is the proudest, like the lion. If you break their confidence or embarrass them, they will never forgive you. What’s more is that they can never trust you again—that’s if they don’t cut you out of their lives. Scorpio has a rep for holding grudges, but Leo might beat them in that department.

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Virgo: Betray their confidence.

Virgo may come off as tough, but inside they’re softies. This zodiac sign has self-imposed walls around their heart. It’s not easy for them to be vulnerable and let others in. The choice to let someone into their inner circle isn’t one that’s taken lightly. They do so only when they’re sure they can trust you. Betraying them by sharing something they shared with you is the ultimate way to break their trust. They’ll find it difficult to ever open up again and the nature of your relationship could potentially be forever altered.

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Libra: Treating others unfairly.

Libra is represented by the scales, symbolic of their fixation on harmony and balance. This sign always strives for peace and what’s fair. They cannot stand to see others be mistreated or hurt. When someone treats others unfairly, to Libra, that speaks of their true character. They take note of how you extend yourself to others and society at large. Someone who isn’t just, kind, or compassionate is someone they don’t want in their life, and neither is someone who brings them anything but tranquility.

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Scorpio: Easily and with any form of deception.

It doesn’t take a lot to break a Scorpio’s trust. Like Virgo, this zodiac sign struggles with extending their trust to others. A Scorpio’s trust isn’t easy to come by. You have to essentially prove yourself to them over and over before they decide that they can be safe with you. One small mistake could set fire to that. Any form of deception deeply hurts them. Some Scorpios may say they forgive you, but they certainly never forget. Other Scorpios will cut you out of their lives completely—and get even.

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Sagittarius: By attempting to control them.

Freedom-loving Sagittarius cannot stand to be tied down or controlled by others. It’s manipulation in their eyes. You break their trust the minute you don’t treat them as an individual with autonomy. Sag is here to live their life how they want and that includes experiencing everything the world has to offer. Anyone who tries to hold them back from that is someone who doesn’t appreciate them for who they are—and someone who must not be trusted.

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Capricorn: Hurting them.

Capricorn usually only trusts people who are close to them and keeps a tight inner circle. There’s not a lot this strong and resilient sign can’t endure, but getting hurt by someone they love is almost unbearable to them. They will find it hard to look at you the same way, even if what you did to cause them pain wasn’t intentional. The truth is that hell hath no fury like a Capricorn scorned. It makes them feel like a fool for ever trusting you in the first place.

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Aquarius: Unkindness.

Aquarius has a reputation for being detached, unemotional, and even cold. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is the humanitarian sign—they deeply care about others and society as a collective. They just struggle with being able to express their emotions. Aquarius is also the kindest sign—the type of person who always roots for the underdog. Like Libra, it’s a turn-off for them when they see others treating other people unfairly or unkindly. Aquarius can’t trust you once they witness this. They also will lose their respect for you.

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Pisces: Weaponizing their struggles.

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Pisces has had their fair share of people accuse them of being “too much” or “too emotional” or “too sensitive.” Pisces is done with those who would dare take advantage of their vulnerability and soft heart. Yes, they feel deeply. And yes, they’re sensitive. But Pisces is also someone who knows that they can stand on their own. Preying on their insecurities and weaponizing their struggles or things they have trusted you with is a sure way to guarantee they will never trust you again.

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