Zodiac Signs

These are the 4 zodiac signs that find it hardest to love yourself

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1. Virgin

Virgins are known to be critical of others, but they are even more critical of themselves. They always strive to fix things that go wrong, and for some, this may mean that they try to find problems from the start.

They adhere to a high standard, which is often unrealistic, so that if they fail to do so, they feel like they are constantly failing.

They like to be in control of what is going on in their lives and will be held responsible for things beyond their control, even though they logically recognize that there is nothing they could have done.

How can you help

If you have a virgin in your life, reassure her that although not everything is under her control, that says nothing about her. Encourage her when she tries to achieve a goal – not in a cheesy way, but let her know that you can tell when she’s doing something well.

When she starts to argue about how bad things are, let her let off steam, but don’t hesitate to remind her of the good too.

A virgin works hard to make things as good as possible, but remind her that it is okay to rest and sometimes take a break.

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Like virgins, ibex like to have control over everything around them. They are very conscientious and hard-working, but they often go beyond their limits.

They usually align their self-esteem to being successful in all areas of life, so if it doesn’t seem to be going so well in even one area, they find it difficult to think well about themselves.

They invest their value in their services and adhere to a very high standard. They also tend to rely on the more pessimistic side to avoid disappointment, but this often leads to a negative view of themselves and the good things that happen to them.

How can you help

If you have an ibex in your life, pay attention to their accomplishments, but let them know that you value them despite these things.

They won’t ask for help and they hate the idea that they’ll ever need them, but letting them know you’re there for them if they ever need anything can do wonders for them.

Remind them that they are more than just their success. Support them, but don’t add fuel to the fire. Encourage her to take a break now and then, and not to make it weak.

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3. Scorpio

Scorpions tend to have big trust problems. While they usually claim that they can only rely on themselves and exude a lot of confidence, their lack of trust in others reflects a lack of trust in themselves.

They will hold people accountable if they do something questionable, but secretly they will wonder if they are the reason why it happened. While they tend to host other large vertebrae, they are unlikely to give themselves the same treatment.

They hold up walls to prevent anyone from getting to know them, and can even believe the lie that nobody can ever really love them as they are.

How can you help

If you have a scorpion in your life, patience is extremely important here. A scorpion can take a long time to open to someone, and even then they are still on guard.

They may attack you sometimes, but just remind them that you are not hurting them, but that you care deeply and want to be there for them – just be ready to actually be there.

Encourage them to try to be vulnerable. Remind them of the great person they are in your eyes.

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4. Fish

Pisces will endeavor to be there for everyone else except themselves. They tend to think that their problems and feelings are falling by the wayside and that they are not as important as everyone else.

Although this makes them selfless friends, it can soon lead them to withdraw and start to fear that even their presence is a burden for those who love them.

They are often attracted to partners and friends who are very exuberant in their praise and affection, and see this as proof that they are worth their affection.

This is not a negative thing, but it can lead to the fish becoming dependent on this kind of confirmation instead of learning to give it to themselves.

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How can you help

If you have fish people in your life, pay attention to the signals they give. If they seem to be having a bad day, encourage them to talk to you about it.

When they try to push things away, gently remind them that you are there for them and are interested in what they have to say. Listen to them and offer your support. Often remind them of what you really like about them, not just on the surface.

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