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4 Zodiacs Who Always Fall In Love With The People They Shouldn’t

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The heart wants what the heart wants. For some zodiacs, this can be a huge problem because their heart and their head never seem to align. They keep falling in love with people who clearly aren’t a good match for them, whether it’s because they’re already taken or because they want different types of futures for themselves. Here are the zodiacs who always fall in love with the people they shouldn’t:

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You are always falling in love with people that you shouldn’t because you’re focusing on their potential. All you see is what a good partner they could be if they put in the effort and rose to your standards, not the person who is actually in front of you. You get hung up on an idealized version of them that doesn’t even exist and convince yourself that they are the perfect person for you. Although time always reveals the other person’s true nature, it can take a while for you to accept that they weren’t who you hoped they were, that they aren’t your soulmate after all.

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You always fall in love with people that you shouldn’t because temptation gets the best of you. Your impulsive nature makes it hard to hold back when you feel a strong emotion, like lust or love. You end up flirting with people you shouldn’t because your mouth is opening before your brain has the chance to warn you to slow down and think twice. Although you are highly intelligent, sometimes your spontaneity in the dating world can make you feel foolish because you always end up chasing after people who are wrong for you, people who are never going to be able to give you what you deserve.

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You always fall in love with people that you shouldn’t because you let your heart lead you. You aren’t going to stop and analyze your feelings because you would rather enjoy the moment with this other person while it lasts. Even when you spot some red flags, you tend to ignore them as best as you can because you understand that real love is messy. You can’t expect anyone to be perfect, so you let their little mistakes slide. You let yourself fall hard for people you have no business dating. People who aren’t going to make you as happy as you deserve now or ever.

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You always fall in love with people that you shouldn’t because you want to live this life to its fullest – and that means making your own mistakes. You don’t want other people telling you what to do in the dating world. When friends and family members warn you about someone, it can have the opposite effect and actually make you want this person more so that you can prove them wrong. Besides, you don’t want to turn down the opportunity to have a little fun. You’re living in the moment and thinking about what feels good right now, not what is best for yourself down the line. Sometimes this can backfire on you, and other times it can lead to some beautiful memories.

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