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4 Zodiac Couples Who Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other (But Just Also Happen To Be Best Friends)

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These two signs are just as go-with-the-flow in the bedroom as they are in the rest of their lives. There’s no pressure, no agenda, and things just play out naturally when the mood strikes. Someone makes a suggestion, and before you know it, hours have passed without a single phone being checked, and you know these two have messages to respond to. What’s so special about their love is that they always put each other first. No matter who needs them, or wants their attention, there is no doubt or insecurity about the relationship taking priority. They always consult each other first before making plans, spending all of their free time planning dates or activities they both look forward to all week.

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This sexual dynamic is all about reciprocation, where each is pleasantly surprised to not be doing all of the work for a change. Both of these signs bring the initiative to the table, and neither is shy about communicating their wants. They can maintain the spark long after the honeymoon phase is over because of their ability to rely on each other. This couple is never bickering or going tit for tat because no one leaves their clothes on the floor. Grocery shopping, meal planning, and paying the bills all get tackled together as a team, freeing up time for each to just relax and chill at the end of a busy day. The beautiful thing is that they want to enjoy each one of those free minutes together.

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The only person who knows more about fantasies than a Scorpio is a Pisces, and these two make each other their deepest desires come true. Because they connect on such a mental level, and in a way that frees them both from any shame or embarrassment, they will spend an exorbitant amount of time experimenting until they discover every and any possible thing the other enjoys. That same level of dedication translates to their friendship as well. They will go above and beyond to put a smile on the other’s face, never for a second ceasing to consider the other’s happiness. They pay such close attention to detail, that to the untrained eye, their ability to anticipate the other’s needs seems like a psychic connection.

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These two can match each other’s physical energy and passion, rising to the other’s challenge without being shy or intimidated. It’s a welcome relief from the regular disappointment each faces when it comes to chemistry and romance because these two just click from the get-this push and pull resonates outside of the bedroom as well, in each other’s comfort going to extremes and leaving their comfort zones into new and unique experiences together. Friends will often tease them or get sick of how frequently they have some crazy new story to tell about the time they went bungee jumping or got lost in China. Some would just like to see them have a regular spat about who forgot to take out the trash, but that’s just too mundane for their dynamic.

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