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3 Zodiacs Who Struggle With Self-Respect In Relationships

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Cancer is associated with the fourth house, which symbolizes family and home. Their biggest desire is building those two things. Every action Cancer takes is motivated by finding or keeping love. They channel all their energy into the object of their desire. This zodiac sign overextends themselves trying to keep a relationship afloat, even when it’s one that is toxic or has run its course. Cancer can become utterly devoted to the completely wrong person, doing anything and everything to have their love reciprocated. Loyal to a fault, Cancer doesn’t know how or when to let go. It may be a secure emotional connection that Cancer yearns for more than anything, but they get stuck in unhealthy attachments on their quest to find it.

Cancer will convince themselves that they can fix every problem in the relationship and will spend more time “fixing” the partnership than actually enjoying it. They will allow their lover to drain them of all their emotional resources to keep them happy, neglecting their own needs in the process. When Cancer feels like their significant other is unhappy or unsatisfied, they feel like a failure—like they’re lacking in something or aren’t good enough. So, they bend over backwards to please their partner—someone who sees Cancer’s need to feel worthy and exploits it to their own advantage. Cancer will let them take everything from them—their time, trust, heart, and even their dignity—and call it an investment. Meanwhile, Cancer fails to have their energy matched.

Once Cancer has chosen to build a future with someone, it’s hard for them to change their mind. They settle for the idea of a person, hoping that they’ll change or go back to the way they were in the beginning. They do it all for someone who doesn’t provide them with the reassurance or affection they so deeply crave. This sign can become spiritually attached and emotionally dependent on the person they’ve handed their heart over to, even when it’s someone who disappoints them repeatedly. Because their huge heart of gold knows no bounds, they take a long time accepting when someone’s heart isn’t in the right place.

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Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and is linked to the seventh house of partnership. Those born under this zodiac constantly fall in and out of love. They feel more balanced when they’re in a relationship—most often, Libra seeks the harmony they so deeply crave in one. Libra believes that life is best spent with someone you love by your side. They believe in that proverbial other half, and they are on the hunt to find them. The problem is that Libra may love the nuances of a relationship more than they may love the actual person. Libra tends to self-identify in relationships. They feel a loss of purpose, and even a loss of sense of self, without their lover. This motivates them to overlook red flags in order to make the relationship work. Libra will overidealize a toxic partner and stay in a destructive romance past its expiration date.

This loving and caring sign lives in constant fear of disappointing others, and they go out of their way to avoid conflict at all costs. In relationships, they struggle with being assertive and expressing their emotional needs. They’ll sacrifice their own desires and expectations of romance to keep their partner happy. In order to keep the peace, they fully give up control, letting the other person in the relationship make every decision. Libra becomes agreeable, going even against their own values to please their lover. This sign will bite their tongue at their partner’s mistreatment of them. They rationalize away the toxic behavior and constant disappointment, allowing their significant other to break their promises without repercussions. Libra’s partner will prey on their insecurities and find a way to blame them instead of ever taking any accountability.

Libra will continue to walk on eggshells to continue being part of a “we” with someone who exploits their love and kindness. If this zodiac sign isn’t careful early on, they can lose sight of their individuality in the name of a codependent connection. It can be easy for Libra to become entangled with someone who makes them forget their power and allows them to drown in self-doubt. Libra loses themselves when they fall for the wrong person.

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Ruled by dreamy Neptune, Pisces struggles with grand expectations of romance. This hopeless romantic has an affinity for wearing rose-colored sunnies and fixating on someone who isn’t exactly the best for them. Pisces is the zodiac sign most prone to looking for love in all the wrong places. Imaginative, creative Pisces will try to rewrite what is a dark love story into a fairytale. They get swept up in the fantasy, romanticize a toxic partner, and overlook their shortcomings. Once someone makes it into Pisces’ inner circle, there’s nothing Pisces wouldn’t do to keep them there. Pisces will do anything to make it work with the person they believe to be the one—and each time they fall for a person, they quickly convince themselves that’s their soulmate.

This sensitive sign chooses to see the best in everyone, even when it doesn’t exist. Pisces knows just what to say and do to boost anyone’s spirits. They have a gorgeous, unique ability to remind other people of their beauty and worth. It’s because of this that they often attract emotional vampires—people who love what Pisces does for them more than they love Pisces as a person. These people thrive off of how good Pisces can make them feel about themselves. Pisces makes them feel special and wanted, and in return, they put Pisces down. It strokes their ego to have the affection of someone as ethereal as Pisces. They make Pisces feel less than because deep down they know they need Pisces more.

Selfless Pisces molds themselves into their partner’s ideal, believing that they have to change in order to be worthy of their love. Pisces’ own needs blur into those of the person that they love, and they go against their better judgment to keep their lover happy. They make unhealthy compromises in the name of love, losing pieces of themselves along the way. Pisces struggles with setting boundaries and saying no. This zodiac sign will bend themselves to adapt to their partner’s life without having their efforts reciprocated. Anytime Pisces tries to make their needs and wants be understood, their significant other makes them feel like they’re “too much.” Lost in the relationship, Pisces’ ultimate goal remains to keep their partner happy.

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