Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Coolest Girlfriend To Super High Maintenance

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1. Pisces

You absolutely thrive being in love, and the world knows it. You won’t settle for just anything, but more so than most, you are pretty adaptable and flexible with the needs and wants of your partner, as long as you both honestly love each other.

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2. Sagittarius

There is a reason why you’re known as a “free spirit” throughout the zodiac. You aren’t one to take life too seriously, and though this may cause issues with your partner, it also means you’re a pretty laid back girlfriend overall. You want to explore the world and have the freedom to do it, and anyone who respects that won’t hear any arguments from you.

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3. Aquarius

You come off as a bit detached emotionally, Aquarius. Yet truth be told you’re capable of emotion in relationships, you’re just a bit wary when it comes to getting into them. You’re quite a charming personality, and you’re pretty easy to get along with; you’re not one to be jealous, clingy, or overemotional. The only thing you ask is that your partner respects your privacy and doesn’t stand in your way while you pursue your many interests and hobbies, in which case you’re a pretty chill person to be with.

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4. Libra

You love being in a relationship, Libra, and we know just how much you value harmony. When push comes to shove, you want things to go as smoothly as possible, even if it means brushing things under the rug a bit. You’d rather not have a conflict if it isn’t absolutely necessary, which makes you a pretty easy person to get along with.

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5. Cancer

It can be hard to win your affections initially Cancer. You’re more on the reserved and quiet side. Yet once you’re actually in a relationship, you’ll go all out to make your partner happy, you just ask that they adore you right back in return, which given how much you pour out yourself, really isn’t too much to ask.

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6. Gemini

You’re a pretty easy-going sign, Gemini. Though your indecision can make people question what you really want from them, which can give off a bit of a demanding vibe. You aren’t fully satisfied with your decisions or those your partner makes, which indeed make you exciting, but can leave the other person uncertain of how to make you happy.

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7. Capricorn

You’re known to be a hard worker and hold yourself to high standards in your careers, and it bleeds over a bit into your relationships, too. Though you tend to be more independent and your focus tends to be more on yourself, you still expect your partner to measure up to a certain set of standards. You want someone who keeps up with you in life, and that can give off a more high maintenance vibe.

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8. Taurus

You’ve never been one to settle, Taurus, and you don’t mind to let your partner know it. While you have a nurturing quality to you, you expect to be treated like a princess and showered with love and affection. Though you’re more than willing to return the favor. If a partner wants to keep you happy, they better be ready to give you the affection you crave and deserve.

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9. Aries

You have quite the dominant personality, Aries. There isn’t anyone who can ignore you once you’ve set your sights on them—you make yourself known. However, you tend to get bored pretty easily and require constant stimulation and excitement to keep your interest in the relationship.

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10.  Virgo

We know you’re a perfectionist, Virgo. And though you tend to be harder on yourself than anyone else, it doesn’t mean you don’t have standards for the person you’re in a relationship and high ones at that. No one is perfect, but they might feel like they have to be close to make you happy, and you don’t do much to persuade them otherwise.

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11. Scorpio

You’re a coveted sign in the zodiac realm, known most notably for your passionate nature, but it comes at a cost. Anyone who is with you in a relationship absolutely has to earn their place because you have high expectations and desires in what you want and it will take a certain someone to measure up. You are known to be quite possessive of your partners and quite demanding, but you can get away with it because your passionate and irresistible nature.

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12. Leo

Oh Leo, we know you have no shame in taking center stage. You have a lot of wonderful qualities, and you expect that your partner acknowledge them and praise you for them. You are more than willing to express your affections without reservation once you’re in love, but you fully expect your partner to meet all of your standards and return the favor. You know you’re worth it, after all.

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