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3 Zodiacs Who Should Say Goodbye To Bare Minimum Men On January 20

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We all know we should steer clear of bare minimum men, but that’s a lot easier said than done. After all, they don’t always start out that way. They might put effort into the relationship at the very beginning, then drop off as they get comfortable. So you’re always chasing how things used to be, hoping that he’ll treat you the way he did before. Truth is, once they go “bare minimum,” they almost never go back. January 20 is the perfect day for these three zodiac signs to finally drop their bare minimum men. You deserve so much better, babes.

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You’re a vibrant, fiery person, which is why you attract passive people. It’s the “opposites attract” thing. People who have trouble making decisions flock to you because they know you’ll do it for them. Unfortunately you don’t always think before making those decisions, which is why you’ve ignored the bare minimum red flag in the past. Truthfully, it’s exhausting to always be the one doing everything. Say goodbye to the bare minimum men in your life now and all the future ones who will be attracted to you like moths to a flame. Instead, look for people who match your energy, not complement it with no energy at all.

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You like to assume the best of people, whether you’re dating them or they’re just a person you’ve met on the street. Even if other people might not think someone deserves a second or third chance, you’re there trying to prove them wrong. The unfortunate side to your hope and empathy is that it often backfires. Bare minimum men stick with you because they sense that you’ll let them get away with it. On January 20, finally put your foot down for good. You deserve way better than the bare minimum. Don’t feel guilty saying goodbye to bare minimum men. All of you are better off if you don’t put up with it anymore–even them.

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You’re such a hard worker that you’d prefer to do most things yourself. After all, you’ve devised a way to do them that’s the most efficient possible. So you’ll go ahead and do all the work in the household and that bleeds into the relationship as well. It comes as no surprise to you that your partners turn into bare minimum men. But there’s a difference between taking your lead and just letting you do everything. Stick with people who appreciate all you do and take up the slack in other areas of your partnership. You’re far from the bare minimum and deserve the same in return.

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