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4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Admit When They’re Mad At You

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Some people will walk right up to you and explain everything that you’ve done wrong when they’re upset with you. But other people are more subtle with their anger. They won’t come out and admit when something is bothering them. They will pretend they’re perfectly fine and hope that you get the hint anyway. Here are the zodiacs who won’t admit when they’re mad at you:

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Cancer, you have a bad habit of keeping your emotions locked inside. You won’t always come out and admit when you’re angry with someone. You will swear that you’re fine, even if they can tell that’s not the case. You aren’t a big fan of confrontation, so you wish that others could figure out the problem on their own. You wish that they knew what you were thinking without you having to spell it out for them. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Most of the time, you are going to have to explain why you’ve been so annoyed eventually. And ripping the bandage off early could help save you some pain. If you keep refusing to admit when you’re mad, it only prolongs the problem.

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Sagittarius, you usually won’t admit when you’re angry because you want to keep the mood light and fun. But others can usually tell when you’re acting off. They can sense when something is bothering you. And when you keep insisting that nothing is wrong, it can be frustrating for them. Although you might think you’re saving your loved ones some trouble by being the bigger person and sucking it up, they would be happier if you came out and admitted what was wrong from the start, if you trusted them enough to be honest with them instead of putting on a show that they know is inauthentic. Remember, the people who love you the most won’t be mad that you’re mad. They’ll simply want to help.

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Libra, you avoid confrontation at all costs, so you won’t admit when you’re upset with someone. After all, you’re sure that they’re trying their hardest. You wouldn’t want to make them feel bad about themselves, so you suffer in silence. But you need to remember, the only way your relationship is going to grow is if you’re open with them about how you’re feeling. If you keep quiet about what’s bothering you, nothing is going to change. The same problems are going to occur again and again because the other person doesn’t even understand that a problem exists. Keeping quiet isn’t doing them a favor. It’s doing you both a disservice.

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Pisces, you won’t always admit when you’re mad at someone because you don’t want to cause any drama. You want to keep the peace, even if it means allowing them to get away with terrible behavior and crying behind closed doors. However, your emotions are written all over your face. It’s clear when something is bothering you, and holding back the reason why you’re upset is only going to cause more trouble. You need to be clear about how you’re feeling so there aren’t any misunderstandings between the two of you. So the other person isn’t wondering what is going on and how they can make it better. It’s easier for everyone if you’re honest about it all from the start. The sooner it’s out in the open, the sooner it’s resolved.

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