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3 Zodiacs Who Should Follow Their Hearts In 2024

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2023 might not have turned out exactly the way you planned, but this next year could change your entire life. All you have to do is listen to your heart and play an active role in your own story. If you put in the effort, you could end up with everything that you’ve ever wanted. But that means taking risks. It means believing in yourself and trusting yourself. Here are a few signs who should follow their hearts over their heads if they want to have a more fulfilling 2024:

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Virgo, you are a perfectionist, so you’re always trying to make calculated decisions. Decisions that are going to make you happier or more successful in the long-run. But the thing about life is that it’s unpredictable. Choosing the safer choice doesn’t mean you’ve chosen the right choice. It might not even be a safe choice in the end because events could happen that you could never predict. If your heart is pulling you in one direction, don’t completely ignore it. Hear what it has to say. The right move on paper might not be the right move in practice. Start listening to your head and your heart in equal measure instead of sticking to whatever is right, logically. Happiness doesn’t care about logic.

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Scorpio, your pessimism has been holding you back. It has stopped you from pursuing people and experiences that would make you happy because you’re so worried about what could go wrong. If you want to have a happy, fulfilling 2024, then this needs to change. You can’t turn into an optimist overnight, but you can start allowing yourself to think through your options instead of always choosing the safer route. You can start asking yourself what you really want, and what you would do if there was zero chance of failure or heartbreak. If you are interested in following a certain path, don’t assume it’s pointless and that it’s never going to work out. Believe in yourself a little more. Give yourself an actual chance. If you don’t even try, then you’ll never make it. Raise your odds by at least playing the game.

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Pisces, your decisions are always impacted by your friends, family members, partners, and peers. You want to make them happy. You want to make them proud. You want to cause the least amount of trouble and keep the peace at all times. But that’s not the best way to live. After all, this is your life. You shouldn’t be making choices for others. You should be living for yourself. In 2024, be a little more selfish. Stop worrying about how others are going to perceive your choices and ask yourself what you would want if no one else had an opinion, if no one else was even watching. Happiness and success look different for everyone, so if you do whatever others tell you, you could end up with their version of the perfect life, not your version of the perfect life. And what’s the point of that?

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