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3 Zodiacs Who Constantly Mistake The Wrong People For Soulmates

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Sometimes, you meet a soulmate, and other times you meet someone who is only meant to teach you a lesson about love. While it can be difficult to discern between the two, some zodiacs have a more difficult time doing so than the rest.

Here are three zodiac signs who constantly mistake the wrong people for soulmates.

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1. Pisces

Okay, are we even surprised, though? Pisces is the most idealistic zodiac sign. Pisces is imaginative and dreamy and sees the best in everyone, but especially someone they’re involved with romantically. Pisces will place their love interest on a pedestal, admiring their lover’s perceived perfection while gleefully ignoring any and all warning signs that try and make themselves known. Where most people would see red flags, Pisces sees rose-gold tapestries. This is why Pisces constantly mistakes the wrong people for soulmates. They fall for someone and believe that their strong feelings indicate it’s the right person without considering the fact that feeling something strongly doesn’t make it right.

2. Capricorn

If there’s something a Capricorn loves besides making a spreadsheet, it’s a project in the form of a person. Capricorn sees romantic potential in someone and assumes that it will always see itself through. In short, Capricorn falls for ideas and believes that someone can become who Capricorn needs and wants them to be if that person just puts in the work. What Capricorn fails to realize is that people are not projects and it’s not their partner’s job to live up to the idea Capricorn has of them.

3. Aries

Aries barrels headfirst into relationships the very second they feel a spark. Aries doesn’t tend to have the foresight to determine whether or not this spark has the power to keep burning longterm. Because Aries feels everything so intensely, they’re too blinded by passion to think about the bigger picture and whether or not a relationship is really practical. Aries would do good to remember that it’s okay to take their time when it comes to matters of the heart. After all, there’s romance in the slow burn, too.

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