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3 Zodiacs Who Care Too Much About What Others Think

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As much as we’d all like to hope that we’re brimming with unbridled confidence, that’s very rarely the case. Some of us feel confident much of the time, while others almost never see ourselves in a positive light. For the following three zodiac signs, it’s hard to feel good when they’re always so worried about what other people think of them. Until they can get that in check, their confidence will always be at least a little worse off.

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While Leos seem to be brimming with confidence, how they feel about themselves is largely dependent on the reactions they get from people around them. Leos want to be worshipped, for better or worse. Whether it’s from their partner or literally anyone at their job, a compliment and a pat on the back is the bare minimum of what they feel they deserve. That’s often why Leos are musicians and artists and performers. As Lady Gaga would say, they live for the applause. But if they don’t get the attention they crave? Then their mood will dip dramatically.

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It’s a weird dichotomy with Libras. They might be surprised to find themselves on this list since they are often super comfortable with themselves and the lives they’ve created. But then an interpersonal situation comes along and suddenly they’re filled with anxiety. Libras often get stuck in over-analysis because they’re so worried about how someone feels about them. They’re the types to write and rewrite a text multiple times to make sure they got it just right. They’ll screenshot a text from someone and send it to the group chat so they can get input from everyone about what it means.

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Scorpios put on the attitude that they “don’t care what anyone thinks.” It certainly seems that way, too. They do what they want. It’s the dark, brooding attitude. But if they really didn’t care, they wouldn’t be so secretive. They’d be much more willing to open up and share their past or how they feel. Instead, their mistrust keeps them all bottled up. A truly confident Scorpio would be an open book. Still, if you tell them they care too much about what other people think, be prepared for them to list all sorts of reasons why that just isn’t true.

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