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3 Zodiacs Who Want To Be Pursued In Love

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As the social butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini isn’t one to settle down in a relationship, and they won’t settle especially if they don’t have a good reason to. They won’t chase anyone in love simply because they don’t want to say the wrong thing or make the wrong move and regret it for the rest of their life. They won’t play hard to get when being pursued but they still want to see someone try and win their heart.

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Leo wants to be the most beautiful person in any and every room. They crave attention and validation from others, so of course they want to be pursued in love. They want someone to appreciate their looks, personality, intelligence, and charm, and to chase after them for it. Although they will put equal effort into the relationship when they’re in it, they love the idea of someone pining for them.

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Virgos don’t want their time wasted, so they won’t be pursuing anyone in love–that’s not who they are or what they do. They want someone to chase after them and to put in the effort. Virgos want someone to prove to them that they’re worth their time, energy, and affection. It is only when they feel they’re with the right person do they reciprocate that affection.

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