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3 Zodiac Signs With The Strongest Connection To Autumn

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The sun enters Libra on the first day of autumn, so it’s no surprise that this zodiac sign epitomizes the irresistible charm of fall. Leading us into the autumn equinox, Libra brings forth the spirit of fall, a time for making connections and socializing. This season encourages more harmony among loved ones and more time spent together as a collective. Social Libra thrives during this time when burnt-orange leaves begin to fall on the ground. It’s also autumn that marks the beginning of the cuffing season. Libra is the sign of partnership and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. They can smell romance in the crisp air. This zodiac already has every dreamy outfit lined up to wear on all the fall dates they have planned. Libra is ready to style and accessorize in the season’s latest trends—and to fall in love (a time or few).

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Scorpio begins to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes during the fall season. The falling of the leaves and the turning of the seasons make them feel connected to death and rebirth. This zodiac sign is emblematic of autumn’s darkness, mystery, and allure. Ruled by Pluto, the planet named after the god of the underworld, Scorpio is obsessed with all things occult. The macabre mood of October and Halloween makes them come alive. It’s this energy that draws us into the shadowy depths Scorpio loves to explore. They’re comforted by horror movie marathons and the collective focus on all things creepy. This season also calls for a more introspective time of year—and Scorpio has an affinity for becoming lost in their inner workings. They never feel more in control than during the fall. Scorpio becomes energized, transformed, and regenerated during this time.

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If there’s one thing Sagittarius loves more than anything, it’s change. By the time autumn rolls around, they’re exhausted by everything summer—the heat, clothes, and activities. Sag is always ready for something new—they need novelty. The change in season and scenery feels like a charming vacation to them. Sag is also enchanted with the great fluctuations in weather during this time. They love that they can wake up one day to cool weather, have a warm afternoon later, and be surprised by a late-night thunderstorm. The energy in the air makes them want to get cozy with their huge TBR pile. Sag’s strong connection to autumn is also due to all the cheerful festivities. Halloween and Thanksgiving mark the beginning of the holiday season. Sag comes alive from all the socializing, celebrating, and traveling during this season.

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