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Find Out Your Biggest Weakness As A Romantic Partner According To your Zodiac Sign

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Love can be a battlefield. And that’s exactly why knowing your biggest weakness in a relationship can help you navigate your love life. However, determining what your weakness is? Well, unless you’re a super self-aware individual, that can be a little more challenging. Enter, astrology. Each zodiac sign has its own unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to love. Let us help you discover what your biggest weakness as a romantic partner is, according to your zodiac sign.

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Knowing what you can improve upon can only strengthen your relationships, whether you’re coupled up or single. So being aware of your biggest weakness as a partner, as embarrassing and humbling as it might be, is actually a huge benefit when it comes to the often confusing game of love.

Now, here’s your biggest relationship weakness based on your zodiac sign. Knowledge is power.


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You have a tendency to come off too strong, Aries. You’re hard-headed and impulsive, so you know what you want and you want it when you want it. If you don’t get what you want? You get angry and hold a grudge. Solution? Slooooow your roll. Embrace patience and flow, and ease up on your partner.


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You’ve got a big heart, Taurus, but you can close it off easily to those who want to get to know you. For someone who loves love, you have trouble with emotional intimacy and vulnerability, two things you need for a successful relationship. Take a risk and share your feelings. It’s freeing, and your relationship will grow to new heights.


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Your erratic energy and need for new things makes it hard for partners to feel secure with you, Gemini. You also have a tendency to keep people at a distance — you’re not exactly the warm and fuzzy type. Improving communication and letting your partner know how much you do care will help you TONS.


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You’re super emotional, Cancer, which means you invest in a relationship at lightning speed. This can confuse potential partners, as well as turn them off. Your heavily emosh nature means you can be moody at times, too. Take some time to check in with yourself and realize that not everyone is as sensitive as you (and that’s okay).


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It’s all about you all of the time, Leo, and straight up: that’s not always a good time for your partner. You need to realize that your partner also needs attention and support as well as for you to prove that you’re an equal team player. Don’t take your partner for granted. Instead, make sure they know you support and care for them.


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You have high expectations for yourself, Virgo, but your perfectionism also extends to your relationships (romantic and otherwise). Being hypercritical and having unrealistic expectations for your love life will only lead to disappointment and resentment for both you and your lover. Try to remain open-minded, loving, and remember: no one is perfect.


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You hate being alone, Libra. So much that you’ll stick it out in a “meh” relationship when you deserve an amazing one. Work on communicating your needs more, and if that still doesn’t bring you satisfaction, don’t be afraid to walk away from a mediocre situation. Being happy alone can be way more fulfilling than being stuck in an unhappy partnership.


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You’re known for being a little mysterious, Scorpio, which also means you’re a closed book when it comes to revealing and communicating feelings and desires. Although you usually expect your partner to just “get you,” most people aren’t mind-readers. Let your partner in and make the time to talk about your feelings.


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Your super independent vibe doesn’t always do well in a relationship, Sag. Craving more “me time” might make your partner feel insecure. Because you’re so free, you also tend to be flirty, which could lead to jealousy. Make sure your partner knows where you stand, and trade in “me time” for “us time” now and then.


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Because you’re so independent, Cappy, it’s difficult for you to truly let someone into your life. Also, by being the control freak you are, when you are partnered up, you tend to be a little possessive and can get jealous. Your best bet is to talk openly about your feelings and fears to your partner. You’ll get closer by doing so, too!


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You tend to live in your head a lot, Aquarius. Because you overthink and analyze everything, you can seem detached from your partner. Others might accuse you of having too-high expectations. Sometimes, and especially in relationships, you need to lead with your heart instead. Communicate your needs and learn to be flexible.


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You’re so sensitive and empathetic, Pisces, that you want to save everyone. Which means you might find yourself in one-sided relationships in which you’re trying to “save” your partner. Remember: no one can be saved or changed if they don’t want that for themselves. Build yourself up from the inside and only go after joyful and healthy partners.

By understanding your zodiac sign more, including your sign’s biggest weaknesses, you can better understand how you function in relationships. Because recognizing what’s holding you back in your relationships can only help your love life flourish. Full speed ahead in the department of LOVE, bbs.

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