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3 Zodiacs Plagued By Loneliness On December 29

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The holidays are such a weird beast. You’ll be surrounded by friends and family, so you’d think you wouldn’t feel lonely at all. Yet sometimes the very act of being around so many people makes you feel lonelier than ever. It’s like all those festivities shine a light on just how alone you truly are. It’s a lot harder to ignore when you’re surrounded by couples or have to keep explaining why you’re single to well-meaning aunts and uncles. This amounts to grand feelings of loneliness for some. On December 29, these three zodiac signs will be feeling particularly lonely. Here’s hoping you’ll find solace in the new year.

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There’s a black hole that seems to open up as the holiday season winds down. Now the twinkle lights don’t have the same luster they had before. You’re not sure where these negative feelings come from every year, yet here you are on December 29, feeling them again. It’s days like these that make you realize that you need more people in your life. Staying connected on social media just isn’t enough. You need people you can rely on in real life. Whether it’s a relationship or a best friendship that you’re missing, take today to start figuring out how you can fill the hole that loneliness has created.

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You tend to have a lot of people in your life, yet today you’re feeling like you’re all alone. Sometimes it’s the act of “being seen” that can make you feel fulfilled versus lonely. After all the work you put into the holidays, there’s a chance that people don’t really show their appreciation or even notice everything you’ve done. On December 29, examine where that loneliness is coming from. Is there something you could say to someone to help the situation? Just because you feel lonely today, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

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It seems like an annual occurrence for you. Once the days get shorter and the weather gloomier, your mood takes a serious hit. One of the things on your mind is your lack of deep connections with people. While it might not be obvious at first to some, you have a deep well of emotion. With few serious friendships or a lack of a romantic partner, you have no one to share all those intense feelings with. It can be a lot, which explains why you’re feeling especially lonely on December 29. Use the new year as a motivator for finding new people to fill your life with. (And maybe open up more with the ones you already know.)

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