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3 Zodiac Signs That Need To Pull It Together This Week

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This week, it seems like you’re losing your balance a little bit. Maybe it’s just the universe trying to remind you not to be complacent, or it might be your professional life getting a little bit chaotic. Don’t stress out too much, Libra, but you’re going to have to pull yourself up and get it together this week; you need to remind yourself of what your real goals are so you can lose the distractions.

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If you’ve been feeling off-kilter for a while, this week is your week to address the issue before things keep piling up on you. Pull yourself together and be ready to receive any new opportunities that are coming your way this week and next.


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Taurus, lately you seem a touch unsettled compared to your usual composed self. Regardless of whatever has you feeling confused, you need to get back to the grindstone this week. A big project might be needing your attention soon or you might have an opportunity that requires you to be organized; now is not the time to be feeling lost, Taurus.

You’ll have time to reflect on whatever problem is stumping you at the moment, so don’t worry about taking the time to focus on everything else for right now.


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You’re a little more reflective than usual this week, Pisces — normally, your intuition gives you great opportunities to reflect on the past in a way that leaves you feeling healed. This week, though, there are things happening in the present that will be detrimental to your goals if you miss out on them. Be more present in the workplace and in your personal life — get back into the swing of things!

Refocus on your relationships and your professional projects this week and make sure you pay attention to anything you’ve been neglecting. If there’s something you’ve let slip through the cracks, get back to it. Consider this your call to action — you’ll bounce back in no time, Pisces.

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