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Update: Why Everyone Is Jealous Of You, Based On Your Birth Order

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First Born

Oldest children are ambitious, driven, and don’t accept failure as an option. They’re constantly in first place, excelling at everything they try their hand at. Oldest children naturally fall into leadership positions, where as people who are born later have to find a way to establish themselves in a role. First borns skip that establishment stage – they just fall into place and go for it.

Because of their natural ability to problem solve and figure out how to make things happen, they seem to be good at pretty much anything. This success and tenacity is something everyone is jealous of when observing an oldest child doing and being their best.

Somewhere In The Middle

Middle children are the peace keepers of the bunch, the glue that holds everyone together. The siblings on the opposite sides typically have more outlandish and exaggerated personalities, so the middle child has adapted by being the calm one. The level one. The one who is not easily rattled or riled up.

People are jealous middle children for their ability to keep their cool when everyone else around them is losing it. It’s nearly impossible to rattle a middle child, to get them heated. And even if they are, they have such a strong poker face that you’ll never know.

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Youngest children are like magnets for adventures, crazy stories, and fun. They’re the person in the middle of the room keeping everyone enthralled with the story they’re telling, or is getting everyone excited to play whatever game has popped into their head. They have an insatiable hunger for experiencing life to the fullest, and filling their lives with things that make you say, “Wow.”

It’s nearly impossible to NOT be jealous of how fearless youngest children are. They have such a spark about them, such a zest for life, that they are constantly surrounded by interesting people and interesting experiences. Youngest children give people around them FOMO – even if they don’t intend to.


Twins know what it means to be truly, truly connected to another human being. They’ve known what it means to be someone’s person basically since birth, which makes them incredibly reliable, a great listener, and an incomparable confidant. Twins really, really know how to be there for someone, and love being able to be that person to whoever needs them.

People are jealous of twins because they know how to connect with people on a deeper, less superficial level. They have this air about them that makes people want to open up. Twins are remarkable listeners and make the best friends, which everyone wishes they could be.

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Only Child

Only children have grown up kind of living two lives. On one hand, they’re often alone and have had to learn how to get comfortable being that way. On the other, they’ve learned how to stand out, how to make their mark, so they don’t constantly end up in their little fortresses of solitude. They live a life that’s dual sided, both introverted and extroverted, both quiet and rambunctious.

What makes an only child inherently different than anyone else (and subsequently, what everyone is jealous of them for) is their adaptability to live such a life. Only children can roll with the punches and put on a brave face on in almost any social situation. They’re social chameleons and it’s honestly impressive.

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