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3 Zodiac Signs That Can Never Turn Off Their Internal Monologue

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In a world that is often thoughtless, unmindful, and savagely indifferent, it seems odd that some people can still manage to overthink things.

Maybe you’ve met an overthinker—someone who doesn’t have time to stop and smell the flowers because they’re too busy worrying about whether they’re allergic to the flowers. Someone who twists themselves in knots looking for hidden meanings in what people say rather than taking what they said at face value.

Anxiety isn’t all bad. It has its purpose. Anxiety can be useful when it keeps you on your toes, ever watchful for things that might go wrong. If taken to an extreme, though, overthinking your problems can also disable you and actually cause bad things to happen—which leaves you with even more problems and makes the cycle even worse.

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In astrological terms, two factors can turn you into someone who can never shut off your mind, much less place it in temporary “sleep” mode—one is being ruled by the planet Mercury, which governs thinking, communication, and logic. The other is being an air sign—which leads you to focus on abstract and lofty concepts that keep your brain cells firing late into the night.

Here are three zodiac signs who are both gifted and cursed with hyperactive minds.

1. Gemini

Being ruled by Mercury and also being an air sign spells double trouble for the Twins. The upside to this astral collision of Mercury plus air is that Gemini is the zodiac’s most effortlessly skilled communicator. In times of distress, they are famously quick with an encouraging word; when things get too serious, you can trust they will break the ice with a funny comment. The downside is that Geminis are basically tiny human bodies strapped to a giant computer brain that leads them around as if they were the little dog Toto in The Wizard of Oz being jerked around on a thick chain leash attached to the Wizard’s gigantically bulbous head. If you’ve ever heard a story of someone who’s stuck on deadline during a giant project like writing a term paper or a last-minute movie edit and takes a cat nap just to recharge—but continues writing the term paper or editing the movie in their dreams—chances are it was a Gemini. They can’t stop thinking. They wouldn’t know how.

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2. Virgo

Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the white-hot planet nearest the Sun that rules over intellectualism and governs the hyperactive mind. Virgo is unique among all zodiac signs in that they have a well-earned reputation for perfectionism. On one level, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to excel; it only becomes a problem when you get so focused on details that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Say, for example, you’re planning a wedding reception and get so hung-up on whether the napkins are going to aesthetically complement the silverware that you entirely forget to reserve the banquet hall—sure, you wind up with perfect cutlery and linens, but no one really cares when you’re all stuck outside in the rain with a sobbing bride, an angry groom, a drunken chaplain, and a wedding party that blames you for the fact that they’re getting hungry. Virgos know better than most that the road to perfection can be a long, lonely, and often maddening one. They’d do well every once in a while to pause, close their eyes, and breathe deeply.

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3. Libra

The air sign Libra is known for being all about the balance and the harmony, fam. This is only a problem because the Scales they use to balance right and wrong  must be one of those hyper-sensitive drug cartel scales that weigh things down to thousandths of a gram. In Libra’s case, they get neurotic and nitpicky trying to ensure that every personal interaction is fair to both sides. Their often manic drive toward fairness can cause them to doubt and second-guess themselves when dealing with others, but especially romantic partners. Well, they got my text. It says they read the text fifteen minutes ago. Why haven’t they responded? Who the hell reads a text that says, “Thinking about you” and then goes out of their way to ignore it? At least be considerate and respond with, “Sorry, but if you must know, I wasn’t thinking about you.” Why do they torture me so? Why do I LET them torture me so? Calm down, Lady Justice—they weren’t torturing you. If you really need to know, they were in the bathroom attending to some rather pressing and intimate needs. It had nothing to do with fairness. Take a break and sip some tea—decaf this time.

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