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What’s Keeping You From Finding Your Soulmate, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries, your tendency towards immediate action often means you dive headfirst into relationships. However, this impatience can make you miss out on truly getting to know someone. You should remind yourself to slow down and let things develop naturally. Especially in a longterm relationship, things will go better for you if you allow them to move slowly. Making the person you’re interested in feel that you want to know them as a person instead of rushing straight to a relationship deadline will bring you more romantic success.

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Taurus, your dedication to stability can sometimes make you resistant to change. While this loyalty is commendable, it can also lead you to stay in situations or relationships past their expiration date. This can prevent you from finding somebody who is truly your soulmate. Learn to move on from relationships that aren’t serving you well anymore. Embrace change and trust that the universe has the right match for you, even if it challenges your comfort zone.

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Gemini, your quick wit and love for varied experiences make you a social butterfly. But this constant fluttering can lead to surface-level interactions, making it hard to form deeper connections with anyone. Keeping your conversations light and brief won’t help you form a romantic moment with anybody. Focus on quality over quantity in your interactions and try to open up to people a little more.

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Cancer, your love of emotional connections can sometimes lead to intense attachments way too soon. You might come on too strong or find it extremely difficult to get over your past partners after your relationships have ended. This might overwhelm potential partners who are still testing the waters of the relationship. Finding a balance between showing care and giving space is essential for a lasting bond.

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Leo, you shine brightly and have a natural charisma that draws people to you. Yet, your desire for social attention might overshadow your potential partner’s needs. Make sure to set aside time just for the two of you. A relationship is about mutual respect and understanding; ensure you’re providing the same attention you seek.

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Virgo, your keen sense of detail is impressive, but overthinking can hinder your romantic pursuits. Seeking perfection can sometimes leave you overlooking genuine connections. Your future partner will have flaws, just like everyone else! Embrace the beauty in imperfection and allow love to unfold organically.

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Libra, your quest for balance and harmony often leads you to prioritize others over yourself. While compromise is essential, it’s also important to understand your desires in a relationship. The right person should be able to respect your boundaries and your values. If you have to make yourself smaller to fit with another person, they’re not the right person for you.

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Scorpio, your intensity and depth of emotion are valuable. However, the fear of vulnerability can sometimes make you build walls around your heart. It can be hard for you to trust other people, but after a while, you’re going to have to learn to let other people in if you want to find a romantic connection. Showing your true self will bring you a genuine soulmate that appreciates your real personality.


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Sagittarius, your love for freedom can sometimes make commitment a challenge. You may struggle with comparing a relationship with another person to the freedom you can only have when you’re single. Maintaining your independence in a relationship is definitely something you should look for in your perfect match, but know that compromise means sticking by someone instead of running away from them. Sharing your adventures with someone else is the best kind of freedom.


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Capricorn, your unwavering focus on goals and responsibility is a trait you’re well-known for, and it brings you a lot of success in life. When you’re trying to get to know someone, however, work shouldn’t be getting in the way. You can have a stable professional routine while also prioritizing your romantic relationships. Think of your relationship like you do your other goals; it needs time and work to be successful, but you can make it happen. Don’t neglect the emotional aspects of a relationship; use your dedication to connect with your partner consistently.


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Aquarius, your unique perspective and individuality are your strengths. However, sometimes your aloofness can be misinterpreted as disinterest. Potential partners might think that you’re not all that into being with them, and even longterm relationships might worry that you’re not very serious about them. You have the tendency to put other things over your relationships; you appreciate a steady partnership, but that sometimes makes you forget how important showing attention to your partner can be. To attract a soulmate, you’ll need to show them that you can be there for them no matter what.


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Pisces, your dreaminess and love of connecting with other people make you an empathetic partner. But be wary of idealizing potential soulmates without seeing the real person. Your tendency to fall in love with a fantasy can make you disillusioned with reality; your partner may feel like they’re unable to live up to your expectations. Worse, you might end up sticking around in a relationship that doesn’t suit you because you’re fantasizing that your partner is better than you are. When you fall in love with a fantasy, you’re falling in love with something that’s completely perfect for you; that’s not easy to let go of, Pisces! Accept that your partner is a real person and avoid putting them on a pedestal. It’ll make it easier to connect with the right person (and easier to let go of the wrong ones).

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