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3 Zodiac Signs That Accept Less Than They Deserve in a Relationship

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Sometimes we are aware of the problems in the relationship we are in and we know exactly what bothers us the most, but we try to convince ourselves that it is not that serious.

And some zodiac signs tend to take this behavior to the extreme. These zodiac signs stay for years in a relationship that does not make them completely happy, and the reasons are diverse – from the fear of change, the desire not to hurt their partner, and the belief that things will improve by themselves.

What they fail to see is that they deserve much more and that they should look for true love.

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Here are the three zodiac signs that accept less than they deserve in a relationship:


You love affection and the fact that you are in a relationship. That’s exactly why you get involved, body and soul. You are a loyal and altruistic person, sometimes to the point of white clothes, which is not always to your advantage. And if you’re in a mediocre relationship that doesn’t satisfy you, you’ll convince yourself that it’s a good relationship worth keeping.

Conflict and confrontation are not for you, so most of the time you will choose to ignore the problems in the relationship or your partner’s flaws. You simply choose not to see them, just for the sake of keeping peace and harmony in the couple. What you don’t notice is that you are worth much more. You love being in a relationship and are willing to accept less than you deserve, just to have someone by your side.

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You are an altruistic person, capable of making any sacrifice for your relationship to work. You give a second chance, sometimes even when a person doesn’t deserve it, in the hope that things will be better the second time. Being a water sign known for its heightened emotional side, it feels more strongly than everyone else the lives of others, including the negative ones.

Insecurity and anxiety affect you strongly, however, you prefer to postpone the inevitable rather than make a radical decision. Because of this, you tend to stay in unhappy relationships for a long time and accept much less than you deserve.

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You don’t get into a relationship very easily, but when you do, you are very loyal and you have no desire to change or get out of that relationship if it is not exactly what you dreamed of. Your motto is “Don’t fix what works”. Since you are so dedicated and hate change, you prefer to indulge in a mediocre relationship than to make a radical change.

You can settle for less than you deserve just because you don’t want to deal with emotions and difficult situations. Also, your representative stubbornness will determine you to persevere and keep the same path in your romantic life, even if sometimes it’s not worth it.

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